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We hope you enjoy this issue, which includes an update regarding general aviation production and sales, along with regulatory news requiring Canadian small aircraft to have “terrain awareness.”

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The State of General Aviation: Sales, Stats and Trends

The State of General Aviation: Sales, Stats and TrendsEver wonder what the top selling small aircraft is? Who the aviation industry leader is? Read on for these and other interesting global and U.S. general aviation industry facts and statistics.

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Canadian Small Aircraft Now Require Terrain Awareness SystemCanadian Small Aircraft Now Require Terrain Awareness System

According to a new safety regulation by Transport Canada, all Canadian private turbine and commercial planes with six or more seats must install a new "terrain awareness" alert system within two years.

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58 and Counting! Thank you for all who fanned us on our Facebook page! We'd love to get to 75 fans this summer. Help us by sharing our Facebook page with your friends!

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