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Float of Flags  

Quincy Flag Day June 16

Quincy Flag Day
Veterans' Service Offices - Local Resources
Annual Walk for the Hospice of the South Shore
Keohane Supports Youth Sports
Daffodil Days a Winner for the American Cancer Society

       For many years, Keohane Funeral Home has collected Veterans' Flags for the Veterans' Float of Flags in the annual Quincy Flag Day Parade. The float honors servicemen and women by displaying flags given to honorably discharged veterans and to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for their country.


     The Veterans' Float of Flags is sponsored by The Quincy Partnership, a group of local business people who promote the city of Quincy. Ed Keohane, one of the founding members of The Quincy Partnership, says, "We are proud of our city and the Flag Day Parade is just one way to give back to the community and to honor the veterans of Quincy."


     Flag Day Parade  The Parade began in 1952 and has been expanded over the years to include more than 75 units, including marching bands, color guards from local American Legions and youth groups, specialty units - clowns, Corvettes, and antique cars! The celebration portion of the evening held at Pageant Field includes the flag raising of a spectacular 30' x 60' version of Old Glory, a fly-over, patriotic medley, and presentation of awards. A dazzling 30-minute fireworks display caps the day's activities beginning at 9 pm.


        Families of veterans are asked to bring their American flags to Keohane Funeral Home, 785 Hancock St., Quincy, where they are folded in the correct manner and then delivered to the Float of Flags where they are readied for the parade.


     The correct way to fold the American Flag involves 12 folds. When completely folded, the stars are visible and when the end is tucked in, the flag looks like a cocked hat, reminding us of the Colonial soldiers and the brave men and women who followed and preserved for us the rights, privileges, and freedoms we enjoy today.



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glove flag


The Veterans' Service Offices -  

Local Resources


    There is a Veterans' Service Office located in every community in Massachusetts, each with a mission to advocate on behalf of all veterans, to provide them with quality support services, and to direct an emergency financial assistance program for veterans and their dependents who qualify and are in need.   


     In Quincy, the Veterans' Service Officer is Thomas Stansbury and in Hingham, Keith Jermyn.


     Keith Jermyn has been a Chief Petty Officer in the US Navy Seabees since five days

Keith Jermyn 
Chief Petty Officer & Hingham Veterans' Service Officer,
Keith Jermyn

after 9/11... he served on active duty for 9 years from 1985 to 1993 and after 9/11 he felt he needed to re-enlist to do what he could in the aftermath of the attack on the U.S. He is now a selected reservist who can be deployed with 72-hours notice in the event of a natural disaster or military conflict. He served in Iraq in 2005 and again in 2008 and 2009. Last year he served for 150 days on training missions in the U.S.


     "Being a VSO is very rewarding because there is a wealth of programs available to veterans," Keith said. Thomas Stansbury of the Quincy VSO agrees.  "There are distinct groups with different needs who are eligible for benefits. The WWII veterans are finding that they are strapped financially - their benefits haven't increased, while the cost of basic needs have increased drastically. When they come to the office, they have no idea that they can get help financially in many areas. Perhaps it is a pride issue or maybe just because they don't know what programs exist ... or maybe they forgot over the years since they were discharged," Thomas explained.    


      The young soldiers just returning home from active duty and/or combat have different questions and needs. They want to know about educational benefits or they may have disabilities due to injuries in combat. Keith said, "The older veterans have difficulty accessing information and filing forms as it is all done on computer now. The young veterans get lots of information about their benefits, but they are told immediately upon returning stateside, and they don't really hear it - all they want is to get back to their wives and families who are waiting outside with Welcome Home placards!"   The VSO is there to help walk veterans through the process and to make sure they have the information they need. "Outreach is the key," said Keith. "I give lots of presentations about veterans' benefits. At a recent one at the Sons of Italy, sponsored by Keohane Funeral and Cremation Service, I told the group, "This is a complex issue, but the VSOs in each community are here to help you. Stick it out and we'll get you what you need."     


Thomas Stansbury 
Thomas Stansbury, Quincy Veterans' Service Officer


      "Many times it is difficult for the elderly or disabled to get to the VSO or to seminars to learn about Veterans' benefits," Thomas said.  "The Council on Aging can help with transportation, and we will make home visits if someone is home-bound," he added.  


      Thomas Stansbury has been with the Quincy VSO for 17 years.  A Navy veteran who served stateside as a Radarman from 1978 to 1972, he said, "For the first 14 years of my time at the VSO, I was the Graves Registration Officer, who made sure that all Veterans' graves had a flag for Memorial Day. That is the most satisfying part of my job -- people actually thank us for placing flags on their relatives' graves; it means so much to them."


       For more than 100 years, Veterans' Services Officers have provided a helping hand to anyone in the community in need of guidance or assistance in matters relating to military service. Veterans or their families can contact the VSO in their community with any questions or concerns regarding veterans' benefits.  


       The VSO in Quincy is located at 24 High School Avenue. The Office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. The phone is 617-376-1196. In Hingham, call 781-741-1440 Monday through Friday from 8:30 am. The office, located at 210 Central Street, is open late on Tuesdays until 7 pm and closes early on Fridays at 1 pm.


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Hospice Walk          


Annual Walk for the Hospice of the South Shore a Success



     More than 2,000 took part in the 19th Annual Walk for the Hospice of the South Shore recently. The event is a fund raiser to benefit patients and their families and attracts many family members and friends who have been helped by this organization.


     The one-mile walk is a family -oriented event which began at South Shore Plaza and included entertainment featuring dance troupes, a barbershop quartet, rock band and a country singer.


     By noon that day, the amount raised was more than $200,000. The Hospice of the South Shore services 400 families a year throughout the region and accepts patients regardless of their ability to pay. Hospice teams assist people, some of whom are children, in their final months of their lives who are dealing with illnesses including Alzheimer's, Lou Gehrig's and Parkinson diseases, as well as cancer and other degenerative illnesses. Hospice teams also provide care for families for a year after someone has died, to assist with bereavement support and other issues.


     "Congratulations to all for the fine job they did with organizing this outstanding event. We are proud to have participated in the Walk and to be a supporter of this organization that helps so many people at a difficult time," said Kathy Kane & Garret McDonald, Co-Captains for Team Keohane and McDonald.


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  Keohane Hockey Team
Keohane Supports
Youth Sports



       Keohane Funeral Home began sponsoring Youth Sports in Quincy over 50 years ago. This year their sponsorship will include Little League Baseball, Girls Softball, Soccer, and Youth Hockey.


     "Our family has been involved in local sports since the time when my brother Dennis and I were young. Now our children participate and we can often be seen in the stands leading the cheers of proud moms, dads, and grandparents!" said John.


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  White Daffodils  

Daffodil Days A Winner for the American Cancer Society


     For the second year, Keohane Funeral and Cremation Service raised over $1,500 for the American Cancer Society's Daffodil Days. 


     "We are especially grateful to the teachers and families of Quincy Catholic Academy," said John Keohane. "Again, this year, they took the ball and ran with it, helping us to earn Pacesetter Status in our fundraising efforts. We also want to thank our neighbors and friends in Quincy and the surrounding communities who gave generously."


     The American Cancer Society's most beloved programs since 1973, Daffodil Days raises money to fight cancer by selling daffodils and gift items through sponsors such as Keohane Funeral and Cremation Service.


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