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I hope the start of this new decade has treated you well. Here at Pinyadda we have been heads down executing on our mission, so let me briefly catch you up on what we have been up to.
As many of you know we attended the DEMO conference last fall in San Diego. Winning the prestigious DEMOgod award, we joined the ranks of great companies like ETrade, Tivo, Java, Salesforce.com and Palm. We devoted the remainder of 2009 to relentless product development and iteration (with plenty of caffeine and countless sleepless nights). We revealed the new product in our open beta launch event a few weeks ago, and can easily say the exhilaration outweighs any left over exhaustion.  
Pinyadda has since seen strong user adoption. Many people outside of our networks are engaging around shared interests, having meaningful conversations and using the platform in ways we had not imagined. This content-centric self-expression is far more powerful than any of the technology we have spent a year developing. For this we owe thanks to our users, and for their continued engagement and feedback. Our vision for creating a more personalized and engaging content experience is being brought to life.
As for the Pinyadda team, what started as Kevin and me making our very first web crawler (Pinbots!) in early 2009 has now grown into a full-time team of five in the US and nine in Vietnam (a special thanks to Kurt Cobain, Jimmy Davis and the rest of the devs in Hanoi!). We are all working 24/7 on executing our mission of connecting people with the best information available for their unique interests and needs.  Your continued participation, feedback and enthusiasm are critical to this effort, and we really look forward to it.
At Pinyadda we believe that information is the most valuable and most vast resource in the world. We are proud to be developing a better way for people to discover and manage the information that is most valuable to them as an individual. As always, the Team and I look forward to following your Pinned articles and Yadda-ing away with you!

~ Chase Garbarino, Co-Founder & CEO
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At the Online Payment Systems for Journalism forum, Google's Marissa Mayer describes Pinyadda at the 1 hour mark: "hyper-personalized news stream."
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