January 2012

Greater Chicagoland Patient Seminar


Physical and Occupational Therapy Interventions for Peripheral Neuropathy


Vicki Tysseling-Mattiace, PhD, MPT, a physical therapist in the physiology department at Northwestern University, will present a patient seminar on Physical and Occupational Therapy for PN patients - particulary those stuggling with chemo-induced PN.
Ms. Tysseling-Mattiace will discuss the challenges of balance and exercise, demonstrate various exercises, and talk about how to structure an exercise program. Her focus will be on general exercise, muscle cramping and the difficulty of accomplishing daily  activities. 
The presentation will be of benefit to all patients struggling with PN. You do not have to be a cancer patient to attend.   


April 30, 2012
6:30 - 8:30 pm
Palatine Wellness Place
1619 W. Colonial Pkwy, Palatine, IL 60067


Registration is required.
The seminar is free but space is limited. You may contact FPN to register: 847-883-9942 or email us at info@tffpn.org. 


Or, you may call Wellness Place beginning in mid-March:


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FPN Book Club 
           FPN Book Club 


Launched in our Fall FPN News, the FPN  Book Club recommends a book on nutrition: Nutrients for Neuropathy by John Senneff.


Mr. Senneff, a retired attorney,  suffered with PN for 10 years before finding a way to write about his experiences while educating those who read his books. He has helped countless patients understand what they are going through and how  others have dealt with PN.  This is the third book in his series.  


FPN receives lots of questions from PN sufferers about what types of nutrients will help with their symptoms. Senneff's book  provides answers to many of the questions and includes many patient stories and tips.  


Please send us book recommendations that you think will be helpful to others in the PN community. Please email your suggestions to:  info@tffpn.org


Note: All books will be read and approved by FPN before being  recommended.  


Happy New Year!


As we do each year we are all busy making - or breaking - our new year's resolutions. And usually at least one of those resolutions is to get more exercise. This year we are going to challenge you to make one of your resolutions successful and help you get LOTS of exercise.


Last fall the Foundation was approached by a very grateful patient who had just been treated successfully for a scary episode of Guillain-Barre Syndrome - a neurological condition that causes your immune system to attack your peripheral nervous system. At one point his condition had deteriorated to the extent that this man could not even walk!


His experience gave him insight into what people struggling with peripheral neuropathy confront every day. During his research, he found our website and contacted us because he wanted to help raise money for the critical research and education needed to combat this crippling condition.


Now, he has recruited friends and encourages others (you!) to join them in participating in the 2012 Chicago Triathlon as a fundraiser to benefit FPN. Taking place on August 26, 2012, participants can compete in either sprint or international/Olympic distances. Wouldn't it make you feel great to know you accomplished a goal like this and helped FPN?


Over the next few months, with enough interest, FPN will  organize a bigger team to register and participate in the Triathlon. Next month in the FPN E-News we will post more info about how to register. There will also be information on our website. If you aren't able to participate, maybe someone is willing to participate in your honor.


In the meantime, please Save the Date!  You can visit the Triathlon website for more information and important training tips! http://www.chicagotriathlon.com/ 


If you have any questions for us, don't hesitate to email us at info@tffpn.org or call 847-883-9942.We look forward to hearing from you...and helping you register!


A Recently Published Study Investigating Anti-oxidants for Diabetics Suggests a Nutrient, Alpha Lipoic, Resulted in General Symstemic Improvement


A new study in the European Journal of Nutrition revealed Alpha-Lipoic, a vital biological co-enzyme found in food, reduced tow enzymes which are normally elevated in diabetes patients. Nutri-Med Logic, expanding on this study, concluded that R-Alpha-Lipoic is the most effective anti-oxidant in Diabetic Neuropathy.


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Source: PRWeb, SFGate.com


Evolution in Pain Therapy Drugs Market


With chronic pain being recognized as a more prevalent problem than ever before, the pain therapy market is taking a new, longer term look at what needs to be done to combat the problem. This report identifes 75 agents in development of which 26 are in development for treatment of neuropathic pain.


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Source: PR Newswire

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