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One Man's Journey
His nightmare began in 1969 - one year after leaving the Vietnam War. Symptoms of autonomic neuropathy affected his breathing with upper body paralysis that brought him to his knees and affected other parts of his body; mysterious chest pains, unexplained silent tachycardia, urinary and digestive problems.  Lt. Col. Eugene Richardson, USA Retired, has spent 41 years living, and coping, with the symptoms of his progressive neuropathy...and the devastation of Agent Orange.  
With a Masters of Education and a Masters of Science in Counseling, Richardson has spent 35 years as a patient advocate and counselor. He leads neuropathy support groups in Florida and teaches a seminar, "Coping with a Chronic Neuropathy', that is attended by thousands each year. We are pleased that Lt. Col. Richardson will be contributing to Foundation publications.  He will focus on patient insights into neuropathy and what has been learned in the face of many challenges.
Learn more about Lt. Col. Richardson's journey.
Learn more about Agent Orange and Neuropathy.


Diabetes EXPO 2010
April 10, 2010; 10am-4pm
Navy Pier, Chicago IL
Our team from the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy Comprehensive Care Clinic will be joining us to answer your questions. Learn more 
Patient Seminar:  
Living Well with PN
May 13, 2010; 6:30-8pm
Cancer Wellness Center
Northbrook IL
Mark your calendar - you won't want to miss this wonderful opportunity. A panel of experts from The Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy Comprehensive Care Clinic at Northwestern will be presenting the latest information on how to cope with PN. You will also learn about the research that is being done to find better treatments - and a cure! Learn more
PN Patient Forum
Are you interested in joining a discussion group with other Peripheral Neuropathy patients? If so, we'd like to hear from you. Learn more
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Correction:  We aplogize for omitting Lt.Col. Eugene Richardson as a contributor to the Ask the Expert column in our Fall 2009 FPN News. the first issue of our E-newsletter. We are excited to begin this journey with you - sharing information and opportunities that will help YOU, or someone you love, live better with peripheral neuropathy. The Foundation has a great start to the new year with new research projects and events... we hope you will enjoy reading about them and will join us as we continue moving forward.
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New Clinical Trial
Northwestern University, Chicago
Northwestern is recruiting subjects for a clinical research study. If you have been diagnosed with painful diabetic neuropathy, you might be eligible to participate.Learn more
New Charcot Marie Tooth (type 2C) Research
New research findings into the hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy type IIC disease, CMT2C, have been published in Nature Genetics, the leading publisher of quality genetic research. Dr. Teepu Siddique, a member of the FPN Database Consortium, collaborated in the research.  Learn more     
Novel Therapies
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
Dr. Ahmet Hoke, Professor and Director of the Neuromuscular Division, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, received a grant from the Foundation to study challenges to the development of effective therapies for peripheral neuropathies and to develop novel regenerative treatments. Dr. Hoke's laboratory screened a library of drugs for their ability to regenerate nerve fibers and have identified two compounds as potentially enhancing nerve regeneration. Now, they plan to test the utility of these compounds in enhancing nerve regeneration in laboratory animals. In addition, Dr. Hoke's laboratory is studying molecular mechanisms as to why human nerves do not regenerate as well as laboratory animals. This project may offer clues as to new drug targets to enhance nerve regeneration in humans. As these projects demonstrate, Dr. Hoke's laboratory is focused on identifying novel therapies that enhance nerve regeneration and restore health to nerve cells injured in peripheral neuropathies.
In the News 
Nebraska Legislative Bills 
Alliance for Plasma Therapies announced last Thursday that Nebraska State Senator Abbie Cornett introduced two bills that will help to ensure that patients with life threatening and chronic health conditions receive the therapies/prescriptions that their physicians' prescribe without shifting the burden of the cost of the therapy to the patient. 
This is a perfect opportunity to send a message to the insurance companies that the practice of specialty tiers is unacceptable and charging coinsurance for expensive lifesaving therapies for biologics, chemotherapy, IVIG, factor products, etc is illegal. 
We need your participation. On February 16, 2010, a hearing on these bills will be held in Lincoln, NE.
To learn more about these bills and how YOU can help, click here.
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