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Celebrating Child-led LearningVol. II, issue 3 
June 2011  

My students and I are inundated with end-of-year projects, making me late with this newsletter.  Homeschoolers finish their indoor activities earlier than schooled kids.  Who wants to stay inside after a long winter when spring is finally here and summer beckons?  My classes have moved to the park, where kids climb trees between telling stories and working on revisions.  Birdsong mixes with children's laughter.  Teaching is bliss! 

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Poetry Season at HomeschoolNYC
What is Poetry For?
Road Trip to Mystic Connecticut
Laurie's Favorite Poetry Books
Make a Word Box
Quote by Carl Sandburg

What is Poetry For?
 poetry art image  

In today's hectic world, one might ask: Why should I read poetry?  Or teach it, or write it?  Will it help me to pass a test, get a job, earn a living?  Perhaps the more urgent question is quite the reverse. Are we ignoring the highest levels of artistic expression and forsaking them for the mundane?  Are we denying ourselves something that is crucial for our souls?  READ MORE...



Here are recommended books on teaching poetry, and other poetry resources.   



Road Trip to Mystic Connecticut   


Charles W. Morgan 


About 2 hours north of New York City is an historic seaport where you can go back in time and become a member of a 19th century seafaring community.  There are tons of other things to do in the area, ranging from the mysteries of the deep sea to American Impressionism to Native American lore!  READ MORE... 


Laurie's Favorite Poetry Books 


I have been teaching poetry to children for most of my life.  It was one of my first loves.  Parents often ask for the titles of my favorite books of poetry for children.  Every season is ideal for poetry, but summer and spring might be best, because we can go outside to read and write, feel the breeze on our skin, and delight in the senses.  We always find inspiration in nature.  Read a few poems, enjoy the day, and soon you will be moved to write one yourself!


Here is a list of Laurie's favorite poetry books for children. 

inside the word box

Inside the Word Box


Make a Word Box   


Many years ago my son, Kalman, asked me what I wanted for my birthday.  My answer was, "A word box!"  He asked me to explain what that was. "Well, it looks whimsical and mysterious.  You can't tell what's inside of it, but you want to open it up!  And when you look inside, it's full of wonderful words!"  Kalman understood... READ MORE 


Read student poems here.



Quote by Carl Sandburg 

"Nothing happens unless first a dream ."    
       ~Carl Sandburg, 1878-1967, American poet and author     


Education Uncensored


book coverLaurie Spigel is a leading educator in the New York City homeschooling community, teaching popular group classes and inspiring parents to create their own curriculum.  Her approach is informal, creative, and child-led.  Here she shares her innovative ideas and original techniques for every subject.  She explains why our current educational system has it all backwards and shows how exciting learning can truly be.  A real source of inspiration as well as a practical guide, this is an eye-opening book for every parent and teacher.

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