Andrea Fraser - January 23
Vagina Davis - January 29
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Photo Credit Eric Richardson
2012 Time for Changes
As the future unfolds and we are entering the uncharted territory of 2012, we don't think another galaxy is going to hit our planet or any apocalyptic prophecy is going to be fulfilled, but we know it is time for a great collective transformation and we are ready for it at West of Rome Public Art.  


Since the outset, the concept and mission of West of Rome has included an impetus towards change at its very heart. Since the art world has become devoured by greed, devoted to profit in spite of quality, and consumed with celebrity, it is not a good place for real artists and for the generation of new ideas. We don't want to be spectators, waiting for future catastrophes, but we like to think of ourselves as initiators of change. Help us to create a better place and a real platform for artists, thinkers, young people and activists...be part of this adventure. We are also incurable romantics and we believe in a better world. Everyone should be part of this change; the world needs a collective effort to better itself!

At West of Rome we have much to be grateful for this year.  We would again like thank everyone who supported Trespass and helped make it a great success and a unique experience for the over 2,000 people who marched on Broadway on October 2nd.


"TRESPASSPARADE restored my faith in art."
- Scott Benzel

"...I felt a part of something strange and special, a unique march of artists for artists, a movement, a unity, a unique and incredible nexus."   Read More 
- Andrew Berardini  

"I found the parade to be a fabulous forerunner to the Occupy movement--Loved the marching & surprises. One man on the sidewalk asked to take a photo of me--I guess he liked my shirt!"
- Nancy Buchanan

"Trespass Parade happened! The streets of LA closed
down for a concert by Vaginal Davis--need I say more?"
- Alex Israel

"It was exhilarating to see so much noncommercial and political speech marching on the cavernous streets of downtown Los Angeles. In my slogan I loved calling forth my own history and matching it with today's same messed up issues of class warfare." 
- Suzanne Lacy 


"The souls of the abandoned became alive as we marched through Broadway. The ghosts have joined us."
- Milena Muzquiz 


"For LA-based artists, Trespass was a chance to experience and interact with public space in the city from a new perspective: the middle of the street! Usually, this is exclusively the domain of cars, but for a few hours, it was occupied by expressive bodies in an improvised carnival/protest..." Read More 

- Alex Segade 


"...we could hear the amazing sounds from Artos band coming up behind us. The sounds filled the air and we knew this was something special! I Love a Parade!" Read More 
- Kenny Scharf   


Artist t-shirts are still available for sale at www.trespassparade.org.


There are many other opportunities to support West of Rome. 

Quality is our first concern when it comes to art. You can choose a unique collage by Barbara Kruger, a Rirkrit Tiravanija recipe box with a signed recipe card, Marnie Weber collages from the Mountain View Cemetery and Mausoleum Project, and "Chocolate Banana Smear" by Mike Kelley and Mike Smith. To purchase any of these works and or to make a tax-deductible donation to West of Rome Public Art call (626) 793-1504 or email info@westofrome.org. 

We look forward to seeing you on January 23rd and January 29th for the performances of Andrea Fraser and Vaginal Davis organized by West of Rome and curated by Emi Fontana for the Pacific Standard Time, Public Art and Performance Festival.  Make your reservations and purchase your tickets now! www.westofrome.org/future 

Barbara Kruger Artwork Exclusively Available at West of Rome
BarbaraKrugerA unique artwork by Barbara Kruger specially created for Trespass to support West of Rome Public Art is exclusively  available as a tax-deductible donation item.  To purchase this special piece contact WoR at (626) 793-1504 or email at info@westofrome.org.
Andrea Fraser - January 23 
Vaginal Davis - January 29
Save the dates for these amazing upcoming projects with West of Rome as part of the Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A. 1945-1980 Performance and Public Art Festival!

The performances are in a series curated by Emi Fontana of new works inspired by the influential Los Angeles-based Woman's Building. The curatorial aim of the series is to highlight the tremendous impact of the Woman's Building and feminist practices on contemporary art production.

Andrea Fraser
Men on the Line, KPFK, 1972

Monday, January 23, 7:30 PM (doors open at 7:00pm)
National Center for the Preservation of Democracy
111 North Central Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Tickets: By donation at the door or online at www.westofrome.org/future 
Contact Information: 626-793-1504 or info@westofrome.org
Limited Capacity, Reserve Your Ticket Now!

Vaginal Davis 

My Pussy Is Still in Los Angeles (I Only Live in Berlin)

Sunday, January 29, 1:00-3:30 PM
Bullocks Wilshire
3050 Wilshire Blvd, 5th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90010
Tickets: $50 (Limited edition, handmade artist book signed. High Tea Party with finger foods, pink bubbles...)
Purchase tickets at www.westofrome.org/future
Or by calling 626-793-1504
Contact Information: 626-793-1504 or info@westofrome.org
Limited Capacity, Reserve Your Ticket Now!
Trespass Press
Want to know more about what's been said about Trespass

"Hey Kids, It's the Trespass Parade!" By Wyatt Closs / Huffington Post

"Taking It to the Streets" By Kevin McGarry / New York Times Magazine

 Broadway" By Eric Richardson / blogdowntown

"Some Random Thoughts about Pacific Standard Time" By Mike Rogers

"Art and Community Activism Collide in the Heart of Downtown for Trespass Parade"  By Fareeha Molvi with Hayley Fox / blogdowntown

Trespass Parade Downtown Los Angeles by Vernissage.tv  "Trespass Parade Downtown Los
   Angeles by Vernissage.tv"
   (YouTube Video) 
Rirkrit Tiravanija
Trespass commissioned 60 Los Angeles-based artists to produce a statement - each expressing a call to action - printed on American Apparel T-shirts in English and in Spanish and were worn as part of the parade.  
Vaginal slogan 
Vaginal Davis

The T-shirts are being sold online to benefit the
project. Visit the Trespass online store  to purchase a T-shirt at http://store.trespassparade.org/category/t-shirts.


Exclusive Artworks Available thru WoR!     


Barbara Kruger
"Talk is Cheap, Free Speech is Priceless"
13" x 11" Framed


Marnie Weber
Paper: 24" x 35-3/4"
Starting at $6,500 

Rirkrit Tiravanija Bamboo Recipe Box with signed brass etched Recipe Card
ed. of 10
8 available $1,500


Mike Kelley and Michael Smith Chocolate
Banana Smear
16" x 20"
ed. of 15
13 available



Marnie Weber
Limited Edition Print
La Tigressa, 2010
ed. of 20
10 available

Call the WoR office to request your piece today!
(626) 793-1504

All items are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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