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Anaheim Hills
5310 E. La Palma 
Anaheim Hills, 92807
Preschool-8th Grade
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Anaheim Hills Campus Newsletter
FRIDAY, APRIL 20, 2012

       Spring is in the air!!  

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 Summer Parrot

2012 Fairmont Summer Programs 

Enroll by APRIL 30 and receive a 10% discount!

Ahoy Mateys!  Fairmont's "Treasure Island" themed summer programs offer summer experiences packed with adventure, academics, friends and memories!  From summer camp to summer school to enrichment programs...we have it all to keep your child engaged this summer!   

Join us for an action-packed summer camp preview day on Friday, May 4 from 12:00pm-4:00pm. 

Learn more and enroll online here: Fairmont Summer Programs 


Felipe PerezSpecial Announcement: Fairmont Family Night @ Angels Stadium  

Don't forget, this Friday April 20 is Fairmont Family Night at Angels Stadium! We can't wait to see all our Fairmont families there. As you may know, we have a star baseball player at Fairmont Prep this year named Felipe Perez. He helped lead the USA Baseball 16U Team to victory against Mexico in 2010, and he has already accepted a position on the UCLA Baseball team for the fall. We will be congratulating him during the game with the message CONGRATULATIONS FELIPE PEREZ. FAIRMONT TO UCLA up on the stadium screens during the 4th inning. We invite you all to show your Fairmont pride and stand up to cheer when the message comes up!  


Mark your Calendars!

Friday, April 27 11:00am-10:00pm

FPA Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que!

2214 N. Tustin Ave

Orange, CA  92865

The FPA is hosting this yummy fund-raiser...so stop by and get some yummies for your tummies! Famous Dave's will donate 20% of your total bill to the FPA.   


Third Grade Spelling Bee

Congratulations to the winners of the third grade spelling bee!
 Spelling Bee

Ishan P. - 1st Place

Ali A. - 2nd Place (tie)

Kyle P. - 2nd Place (tie)

Dylan P. - 3rd Place (tie)

Lauren L. - 3rd Place (tie)

Rohun P. - 3rd Place (tie)

Mark P. - 3rd Place (tie)  



Ryan Z.

Anusha M.

Tara K.

Annika M.

Morgan L.

Chloe L.

Nima N.

Mia J.


Parenting OC Spelling Bee  

We are pleased to be hosting the Parenting OC 5th Grade Spelling Bee at our campus on Friday, April 27! The event begins at 7pm in the MPR. Feel free to stop by and cheer on our Fairmont Anaheim Hills spellers! Three food trucks will be coming to campus so families can enjoy dinner before the event. And our new library will be open to tour if you haven't seen it yet. S-E-E you then!  


April Lunch Menus 
Feature Article
"How to Parent Your Kids (Without Losing Your Mind)" 
Acclaimed parenting speaker Scott Peebles presented his "slightly off-the-wall parenting" methods at a recent Chalk Talk event. Our parents were laughing out loud during his presentation and asked some excellent questions. Scott had so many great tips, we wanted to share the notes!

Question: What is the key to becoming a successful parent?
Become a "Slightly Off-The-Wall Parent," which means doing things a little differently than might seem natural to you as a parent.
Be consistent. Say it once and follow through! Just making this one change in parenting will put you miles ahead of where you are. The key is "CONSISTENCY, CONSISTENCY, CONSISTENCY"
Keep this in mind: PMMFI "Please Make Me Feel Important." Apply this rule to your children, your spouse and yourself. Everyone wants to feel important so make sure you are not only getting the attention you need but showing love and care for your partner and your children.

Question: How should I react/what do I do when my child brings home a bad grade?
Try a dialogue like this:
Parent: "Great you got an F, isn't that what you wanted?"
Child: "Well no, I wanted an A."  
Parent: "Well did you study?"
Child: "Well, no..."
Emphasize that there are no failures, only results. You either get the results you want or the results you don't want, and if you aren't getting the results you want then you probably need to try doing something differently.

Question: How do I interact with my kids in a way that instills confidence?
Always look for the "gold" in your children. Make your child the star of the evening and give them the opportunity to talk as much as they want about all they things they are proud of.
Adopt the "Family Kindness Act" and every night or once a week at dinner have everyone in the family say two nice things about the other family members. Ask them, "What have you done today that you are proud of?" and let them talk.

Question: What do I do when my child starts throwing a tantrum?
Time them
Root them on--encourage them to keep on having a fit (reverse psychology)
Have a tantrum with them
Make a "Tantrum in Progress" sign to hold up if you are in public

Question: What is a good way to get my kids to bed on time?
Answer: Pick a song--make it one you like--and play it as they are getting ready for bed until they go to sleep. Over time... (ever heard of Pavlov?) they will start getting sleepy just by hearing the song.

Question: How do I say "No" without always saying no?
First, teach your children to respond to hearing "No" with the phrase that pays: "Thank you for considering, maybe next time?" Encourage your child  to respond in this way when you or anyone else says "no" to a request they have.  

Alternatives to No:  

  • Say Yes... Later  
  • "Give me a minute."
  • "Convince me." Have them think of a way to convince you, the answer still may be No but you have given them an opportunity to think through (i.e. "Dad, Can I borrow the car?" "No"  "Please Dad, I really need the car..."  "Ok, Convince me..." "Well, If you don't let me drive the car then you will have to take me and all my friends to football practice.." "OK")
  • Use the "Big No Sheet." Basically, they say no, you say no. Make a big sheet, or list that you have in an easy-to-find place. When you ask your child to do something, a chore for example, and they say "no" you write it down on this sheet. Later when they ask you for something, go take a look at the sheet. "Well, it looks like you said "no" to doing the dishes, so no you don't get to go out tonight". Make it a problem for them.  
Scoreboard  Scoreboard
 AH Cougar

Monday, April 23
DSL Soccer @ McDowell 3:00 (AWAY)


Wednesday, April 25 

DSL Soccer vs Mission Hills #2 3:00pm (HOME)

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Fairmont Blog
Dates to Know Date

Saturday, April 21
Junior High Debate Tournament at Clarement McKenna

Monday, April 23
-"Week of the Young Child"
-Pre-School Music Program 10:00am-10:45am
-DSL Soccer @ McDowell 3:00pm
-Tri-Way Soccer Play-Offs First Round

Wednesday, April 25  
-Second Grade Spelling Bee at 9:00am
-DSL Soccer vs Mission Hills #2  3:00pm
-Pre-school to Kindergarten Nutrition Presentations

Thursday, April 26
-Fourth Grade Music Program "Gold Fever"
    11:00am - Student Program
     7:00pm - Parent Program

Friday, April 27
-Cougar Coffee  7:30-8:30am
-Second Grade to Discovery Science Center
-Pre-School International Assembly  9:30am
-Progress Reports Go Home
-6th Annual OC Parenting Grade School Spelling Bee 7:00pm
-FPA Famous Dave's Fund-Raiser! 

Friday, May 4
-Early Dismissal at 12:00pm  NO LUNCH SERVICE
-Summer Camp Preview Day  12:00-4:00pm
-Junior High Dance 6:00-9:00pm