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Anaheim Hills
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Preschool-8th Grade
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SEPTEMBER 16, 2011

9-11 Remembrance

"Proud to show our red, white & blue!"  
News & Announcements

Gavin and James

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"Coupon Book" FREE DRESS DAY

Tuesday, September 20 is the first "Coupon Book" FREE DRESS day! 


2011 Fall Festival!! 

Friday, September 30  3:00-8:00pm 

Please join us on this wonderful day of community with our families, students and teachers!  There will be fun activities such as water wars, giant slides, dunk tank, pirate ship ride, bungee jumping, crafts, fun games, photo booth, CAKE WALK, watermelon-eating contests, and much more!  Bucaneer Pizza and Spud-Runners Food truck will be here for lots of great food for dinner!  Applebee's and Millies Restaurants are donating Cake Walk "Goodies".

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9-11 Remembrance Letters


On September 11, 2011 the 8th Graders were given the assignment of writing a letter to their 'grandchildren' telling them about the 9-11 attacks and the implications and changes that have touched our nation. 
We would like to share some of the letter 8th grader Valerie Wang wrote:
My Dear Grandchild Mary,


I remember the day that changed America forever, September 11, 2001, more commonly known as 9/11. That year, I was three years old, sitting in my apartment in New Jersey, looking across the Hudson River to the Twin Towers.  My mother was at work in Saint Vincent's Medical Center in Manhattan, and my father was in China. Staring at the hazy sky, I started to daze off, when suddenly, my grandmother turned on the television, and the reporter spoke the words that transformed the country: "two planes have just crashed into the World Trade Center, there is no way this was an accident, and this is an act of terror." Maybe at that time, I did not fully understand the words, but today, I cannot forget the sudden shift in the minds of all Americans that remains a decade later.

2011 is a memorable year for those, like me, who have witnessed 9/11. Not only is this the 'ten year anniversary' of the tragedy, but also the year a major terrorist had been captured by our Navy seals and killed. Also, ten years later, 20 tons of wreckage ranging from debris to fire trucks was displayed on a tour across the country. Just a few days ago, I visited the Richard Nixon Library to see these irreplaceable artifacts. To my surprise, I saw people crying, and mourning as they lay their eyes on the memory of that tragic day ten years before. The mood was heavy, and although it has been a long time, not one person could ever forget that September 11th morning in 2001, when the attack on the Twin Towers followed by the Pentagon changed the world.

Mary, I know that you are in a new generation, but please never forget that in my time, there were terrorists, there was war, and there was 9/11. You are lucky that you were born in a better time, of peace and equity. I ask no more but for you to remember that there once was such hatred in this world now full of love. Grammy hopes that you can spread the love with your kind heart. God bless you. God bless America.


Love Your Grandmother,

Valerie Wang


Scoreboard  AH Cougar


Tri-Way Volleyball vs Orangewood

Lady Cougars WIN  25-9, 25-14  


Next Week's Schedule   

Monday, September 19

Tri-Way Football/Volleyball vs Calvary Santa Ana - 3:00pm HOME GAME


Wednesday, September 21

Tri-Way Football/Volleyball vs Oakridge - 3:00pm  HOME GAME

DSL Football/Volleyball vs Oakridge - 4:00pm   HOME GAME

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Monday, September 19
-Tri-Way Football/Volleyball vs

  Calvary Santa Ana at 3:00pm
Tuesday, September 20

-"Coupon Book" Free Dress Day


Wednesday, September 21

-Tri-Way Football/Volleyball vs Oakridge at 3:00pm

-DSL Football/Volleyball vs Oakridge at 4:00pm


Thursday, September 22

-Girl Scout Registration Meeting at 8:45am in MPR

-Magazine Drive Turn-In Day


Saturday, September 24

-OCDL Junior High Debate Workshop at Edgewood