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July 27, 2011

Call for Submissions:
Share your favorite Central Park playtime photos

Earlier this month, LANDMARK WEST! heralded the arrival of summer with our guide to the many playgrounds of Central Park

With more than twenty destinations for creative play, Central Park is our communal backyard, where New Yorkers both young and "young at heart" can enjoy a respite from the urban grid.  Experiment and create your own play experience at the Adventure Playground (at West 67th Street, pictured in the email header above!), or dip your toes into history at the Egyptian-inspired Ancient Playground (at East 85th Street), both designed by architect and 1998 LW! "Unsung Heroes" award winner Richard Dattner and Dattner Architects.

Our call to "get out and play!" struck a chord with many of our friends and social media followers!  Our friends at MyUpperWest blog loved the "old-timey" map for their guide, as did folks on Twitter, who continued to share the play-friendly report around.  New Taste of the UWS tweeted, "Love this. I think all playgrounds should be art."  And the Institute for Urban Design helped spread the word about Fellow Richard Dattner's design contributions to Central Park's playscape. City Girl Writes and Central Park Buzz, too!  But one industrious email subscriber trumped them all ...

Rachel H., now of New Jersey, saw the playgrounds email, began reminiscing about her youth as a West Sider and Adventure Playground devotee, delved into her personal archives, and forwarded the image at right.  What a delight!  

Rachel writes:
"For my senior yearbook photo, I grabbed my three friends, my camera, and headed to the Adventure Playground! I'd played there as a child; I couldn't think of a better setting for this memorable photo.  There I am, perched on the top right-hand side!"


Share your
own photos!

Forward your "vintage" and current photos of playtime in Central Park and we'll feature it on a forthcoming post to our blog!  Email images to landmarkwest@gmail.com, along with: 

  • Your name 
  • Location where the photo was taken
  • Year of the photo, if known
  • A brief caption of the memory the photo captures

We can't wait to see YOUR photo!  


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