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February 1, 2011

Love Your Landmarks 2011!

Cupid, you have competition this Valentine's Day!

Don your angel wings.  Ready your
quiver and bow.  Grab your camera.  This is your chance to tell everyone, "I Love this Landmark!"  Starting today, LW! is asking you to join us in playing cupid as we identify the landmarks that make the Upper West Side so lovable!  All it takes is a digital camera and your own inspiration.

2011 marks the second year that LW! is launching this love-laden photo project.  Head to the LW! blog now to see which buildings and sites people shared in 2010!


So what's a "landmark"?

"Landmark" can mean different things to different people.  It could might mean the Dakota Apartments, an Upper West Side icon and Individual Landmark.  Or, it might be something more personal: your family's favorite restaurant, the street corner where you pick up your newspaper every morning, your child's playground or park, or even the elementary school you attended.

If it's a landmark to you, we want to know!


Join in this month-long, love-filled landmarks fest!  It's this easy: 

      (1)  Download and print an "I [heart] this landmark" sign. 
            Both black and white or color are perfectly fine!

      (2)  Visit your landmarks and take a picture of you with your "I Love this Landmark" sign.

      (3)  Email your photos to LANDMARK WEST!.  Make sure to tell us what about the building or
            site is special to you.  Also, please include the address or location of the building when


What happens to your photo?

Your photos--take as many as you can!--will be added to the LW! blog.  There, other West Siders and landmark enthusiasts will see what buildings and places have special meaning to us all.

Beyond this amorous time of year, we'd also love to add your photos of Upper West Side buildings (that is, from West 59th to West 110th Street, Central Park to Riverside Park) to our Online Buildings Database.  From here on out, your photograph can be part of the record of Upper West Side buildings.  Launched in March 2009, our online database of Upper West Side Landmarks makes it easy to find information on over 2,000 historic sites throughout our neighborhood (an additional 700 sites were added just last fall, 2009).

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