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August 20, 2010

On Day Four of campaign,
iPhone app fundraising
nearing 30% of goal

We're making history, one dollar at a time!

On Tuesday, LANDMARK WEST! launched a Kickstarter online campaign to raise funds for the development of the West Side's first ever iPhone walking tour app. Since then, in just four short days, folks have checked out our Kickstarter project page, been inspired by our project video, and pledged their support (twenty people and a total of $800 so far!).
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By Day Two, our iPhone app project was already attracting attention: the Kickstarter staff named us one of their "Recommended by Staff" projects that "showcase creativity and passion.  We think they're brilliant."  Thanks, Kickstarter!

With articles in local news sources DNA Info and the West Side Spirit, word of our project is spreading far and wide!  And today, Day Four, we're closing in on 30% of our $3,000 fundraising goal.  ONE DOLLAR is all it takes to become part of the ever-growing list of "backers" to LANDMARK WEST!'s Kickstarter online fundraising campaign.

But we aren't the only one reaping the rewards.  We're showing our "backers" how much their support means by rewarding them for their pledges.  Whether it's
a free download of the iPhone walking tour app that we're working towards developing, for a modest $25 pledge; a postcard featuring iconic West Side architecture, for a $5 pledge; or two tickets to one of our public programs as a reward for a $50 pledge -- every dollar counts, and every pledge is rewarded.  To learn all the ways we're thanking our "backers", check out the Kickstarter project page.

We'll keep you updated on our blog and on our Twitter and Facebook pages, so check back often to see how we're progressing.

Together, we'll make West Side history!