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Dec 30, 2009  -  Issue 8            Lake Travis - it's worth protecting

Burnet Wastewater Discharge Background
Letters of opposition sent to TCEQ 
PLTA Board
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Ken Fossler, Vice President
Gloria Eckstrom, Secretary
Richard Eason, Treasurer
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TCEQ Sets Public Meeting on Burnet Wastewater Permit Application

MEETING SET FOR THURSDAY, FEB 4, 2010 at 7:00PMMap courtesy of Burnet Bulletin, Highland Lakes Newspapers

As covered in previous eNews issues, City of Burnet plans to expand and modernize its wastewater plant. That's the good news. The bad news is that the permit application would allow for 1.7 million gallons of effluent per day to be discharged into Hamilton Creek, which flows into the upper end of Lake Travis, just below Starke Dam.
Currently, Burnet only discharges into the creek during unusual conditions. Normally, they dispose of all the effluent through irrigation of the city-owned Delaware Springs golf course and on 170 acres of city-owned hay fields. The City has stated that it intends to continue with its land-based application but wants to reserve its right to discharge all the effluent into Hamilton Creek / Lake Travis.
PLTA, LCRA, City of Austin and others have expressed concerns to TCEQ. PLTA agrees the wastewater plant needs to be expanded and modernized, but believes that the final permit should require land-based irrigation. Any significant amounts of treated effluent discharged into Hamilton Creek, particularly during dry weather periods, would pose potential harm to Hamilton Creek, Lake Travis and the Ellenberger aquifer.
TCEQ has set a public meeting as follows (see full notice HERE):
Thursday, Feb. 4, 2010 at 7:00PM
City of Burnet Community Center
401 E. Jackson Street
Burnet, TX 78611 (MAP)
 PLTA urges all interested and concerned parties to attend the public meeting and to express any concerns during the formal comment portion of the meeting. Anyone wishing to carpool can contact PLTA.
PLTA Meets with City of Burnet, Visits Wastewater Operations
Richard Eason of PLTA (right) On December 30th, PLTA board members Lonnie Moore and Richard Eason met with City of Burnet personnel and toured the city's wastewater operations. Assistant City Manager David Vaughn and employees Dwayne Everett and Steve Lance, as well as Bob Thonoff of Thonoff Engineering were all very open and helpful in explaining the current and planned operations.
PLTA appreciates the cooperation of City of Burnet and acknowledges the fact that Burnet has been voluntarily using land-based application of effluent for many years. PLTA is seeking solutions that will protect the quality of Lake Travis and its watershed.
(photo: City of Burnet's Dwayne Everett (left) demonstrates to PLTA board member Richard Eason - more photos)