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October 31, 2009  -  Issue 5           Lake Travis - it's worth protecting

Austin Mayor States Opposition to Discharge Plans
from In Fact News of 10/30/2009:
 Quote of the Day
"Austin will officially join LCRA and Travis County in objecting to release of wastewater into Lake Travis. It is our water supply for Austin and we have to make sure that we protect the health and safety of our citizens." Mayor Lee Leffingwell
Some Comments Filed with TCEQ
Notable Quote
"LCRA opposes and respectfully requests that the Commission deny the petition until
such time it can be scientifically proven that the Highland Lakes, a drinking water source for more than 1 million people and economic engine for Central Texas, would be protected under a repeal of the discharge ban rule with no degradation to current water quality."
Tom Mason, General Manager, LCRA
Good Work, Good News This Week
Opposition Against Discharge Lines Up
Tuesday, Oct. 27: the Travis County Commissioners Court unanimously passed a resolution opposing the lifting of the current ban on discharging treated wastewater effluent into the Highland Lakes. (Copy of county's resolution found HERE)
All This Week: Many individuals and groups, including PLTA, file comments with TCEQ opposing the Leander/Granite Shoals petition (see sidebar for examples)
Friday, October 30: Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell publicly states his city's opposition to plans to discharge into Lake Travis (see sidebar). The Mayor and Council Members Riley and Spelman sponsor a resolution to TCEQ opposing the Leander/Granite Shoals plans and place it on the Nov. 5th council agenda. (Copy of the draft resolution found HERE)
Friday, Oct. 30: Hays County Commissioners place an item on their Nov. 3 agenda for a resolution opposing Leander/Granite Shoals' discharge plans.
Friday, Oct. 30: LCRA files their comments with TCEQ. LCRA refutes many of the petitioners' arguments. (Copy of LCRA filing is found HERE)
Friday, Oct. 30:The staff of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) publishes their official recommendation. Staff recommends denial of the petition and proposes creation of a stakeholder group to consider future changes. (Copy of staff comments HERE)
It Is Not Over Yet - Work Remains
First, while the TCEQ staff recommends denial of the petition, the 3 TCEQ commissioners could still reject the staff recommendation and grant approval. It would not be the first time this panel of Governor Perry-appointees took such a direction. We need individuals and groups to continue to file comments with TCEQ, to urge their elected representatives to voice opposition and to attend the Nov. 18th TCEQ meeting. Do not let your guard down!
Second, if and when the stakeholder group is created to study possible changes to the current regulations, we need to be vigilant. Stakeholder groups are sometimes used as "cover" for the TCEQ to take some predetermined action. PLTA will stay involved, as we have for more than 27 years. (see History of PLTA)
A Word To Our Upstream Neighbors
Our name is Protect Lake Travis Association, but our interest includes protecting all of the Highland Lakes. If it is not good for Lake Travis, it almost certainly is not good for Lake Marble Falls, Lake LBJ, Inks Lake or Lake Buchanan.
If you will read the History of PLTA on our website, you will see that we have been involved in a wide variety of topics that should be of interest to all owners, residents, businesses and recreational users of the Highland Lakes.
If you or your group have similar interests, we would love to work with you. Contact us at or 512-997-0009 to discuss how we can work together.