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In addition to this lovely full page image which appeared in the April 2009 Robb Report Collection, O Ecotextiles was featured in Design Confidential, "Someone You Should Know: O Ecotextiles",  by the window treatments industry opinion leader, Deb Barrett.  Check it out at http://www.design-confidential.com/

 We (Patty and Leigh Anne) watched "Poisoned Waters" this week on PBS.  We grew up on the Chesapeake Bay and now live near Puget Sound, two bodies of water profiled on the program.   Be sure to watch it (available online if you missed it): www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/poisonedwaters/  

To say we were alarmed by the program's report  is understatement:  for example, dead zones now occupy 40% of  the main stem of the Chesapeake - where not one single crab, oyster or blade of bottom grass now lives.  Oysters  - oysters! -  have been lost as a commercial industry on the Chesapeake.  And water treatment? They cover that too, with lots of data on drinking water contamination, new contaminants, and how to decipher your water report.

Even if water treatment is adequate in one area,  we're on one planet, and it's one vast, complex, interconnected system.  It's pretty hard to keep water in South Dakota, for example, from impacting water in Panama.  The Rolling Stones were wrong: time's not on our side.

But don't let it depress you mightily because there are things you can do.   That's why we say, for example, that when you buy our fabrics you're buying more than just the fabric - you're buying clean water and vibrant soils, and all that implies.

Find out more at www.oecotextiles.com.

Patty and Leigh Anne

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