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 Susan Turnbull
 The pioneer in advocating
non-binding personal legacy        
 documents as a valuable component of estate and charitable
Writing rites of spring 

One after another they come! The clustered rush of the late spring days of appreciation and celebration: Mother's and Father's Day, Memorial Day, graduation days and wedding days.

       There is a range of rituals for each of them, from intimately private to publicly glorious. And almost always, they are consecrated with words meant to carry the weight of the day: words written into speeches and songs, exchanged in ceremonies or printed on greeting cards.
       So often, these are wonderful and powerful words, and a privilege and blessing to read them or hear to them. But most of the time they are someone else's words, someone we judge to be wiser or more articulate than we are.
       Why should those people get all the credit? Wise, helpful, enduring, surprising, influential and loving words can come from you, too. And coming from you, have a greater potential for impact on those you love than any speech or any speech or any card or any song created by someone else. 
          Make this season the one you start writing or recording your own words - your stories and history, your reflections and feelings. You don't have to know exactly what form it is all going to take in the end. You don't need to know exactly what you are going to say, or who might see it, or when they might see it. None of that matters in the beginning. To decide it is important to you and to start is what matters - whether with pen and paper, keyboard and computer, or talking into your phone's voice or video recorder.
          I promise you two things: you have a lot to share and it can feel really good to get started.
          Make this the season you begin. 
          Here with presentations, tools, and resources for individuals, couples and professional advisors,
Upcoming 60-75 Minute Webinars   
Starting Your Own Ethical Will
11:00 am EST: June 7
11:00 am and 8:00 pm EST July 17
The value of non-binding personal
legacy documents in estate planning
2:00 pm EST: June 7
2:00 pm EST: July 17
 The benefits of encouraging donors
 to create a Legacy Statement
4:00 pm EST: June 7 
4:00 pm EST: July 17

Free 30 minute session: 
Using LifeLegacy Cards to
Create a Mini-Memoir
8:00 pm EST: July 16

Registration deadline for all classes is 24 hours ahead, please.  
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"Susan is a fantastic speaker.
Heartfelt and thought provoking.
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  • Presentations that inspire
  • Tools that are elegant, accessible and affordable
  • Access to coaches, writers, videographers to get it done: ethical wills, expressions of intent, personal histories



The Wealth of Your Life: A Step-by-Step Guide for Creating An Ethical Will

Third edition
Ready by mid-June

Better than ever!
User-friendly, comprehensive
 workbook-style guide.

Use the guidebook to craft an
ethical will
 or as a starting point for a
written or recorded personal history.

The Wealth of Your Life 
"Susan Turnbull's elegant step-by-step guide to creating an ethical will is a great guidebook for people who are wondering how to leave meaningful messages for their heirs but don't know where to start. The writing prompts should get you thinking and help you organize your thoughts. the book is structured to keep the writing process from being daunting ---leading you to create your legacy message one sentence at a time. And if you are one of the potential heirs, CONSIDER GIVING this to your parents, thereby letting them know you want them to share their wisdom and experience with you."

Pat McNees

Share Your Life
LifeLegacy Cards

12 square tile-style cards 
 draw out life stories  
Easy for conversation
Great for structured writing or interviewing
A unique and meaningful gift

LifeLegacy Cards  

We're all just walking

 each other home.
Ram Dass