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 Susan Turnbull
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non-binding personal legacy        
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The beauty of a narrow doorway  


I saw an article last week about a family's history represented in a simple wooden bowl. And with a recent look at the fascinating site and book The History of the World in 100 Objects, I was reminded of the benefits of finding a narrow entry point to start an ethical will or longer personal history.  


"Where do I begin?" is a very natural question when it comes to sifting the experiences of a life to set something down for yourself and your loved ones.     


The easiest way to begin is through a very narrow doorway:  One memory: Every day after school ...  One reflection: I love those early mornings on the water fishing because... One object: There is an interesting story attached to the painting...One photograph: This picture of my grandparents at their shop sheds light on so many things...One feeling:  I am so grateful to you for ... Etc.  


That "one thing" might end up being complete in itself, as in this one paragraph ethical will. Or bit by bit, one sitting at a time - whether on paper, computer, or with a recording device - you can build a very special collection of reflections and recollections that can stay loose in a file or eventually be organized into something quite polished.

Remember that you do not need to share every thought or tell every story to create something enduring that is very meaningful for others and highly satisfying for you.

A little can go a very long way.  What one thing would you like to start with?
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Pam and Rob
 It is a great pleasure to announce that Pam Pacelli
and Rob Cooper, experienced videographers and an engaging husband and wife team, are joining Personal Legacy Advisors as a superb resource for those wishing to use video as the medium for a personal history or an ethical will. Read about Pam and Rob, and the other members of our team, here.







Better than a thousand  

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