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 Susan Turnbull
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Musings: Answers that never get old 


Steve Job's wonderful address to Stanford graduates in 2005 is being spread all over the world today. It is amazing to see the spontaneous declaration of opinion that his words of advice are as elegant and valuable as the products he developed. As I listened, I was reminded that:       


People often don't share - unless they are asked to   

If Jobs had never been asked to speak or had never been nudged, he might never have shared those insights, and surely we never would have heard them. It is very flattering to be asked for your thoughts and your reflections, and often the answers are a revelation - for both the one who speaks and the one who listens.  

There are things we seem to need to hear - again & again

The universal themes and lessons of life never get old, they just get recycled and repeated - in our own lives and in every era. We seek, we learn, we remember, we forget, and we learn again in the lifelong road toward wisdom.     

We are each other's teachers  

We need each other along that lifelong road! Thank you, Steve Jobs, for keeping us squarely on the path.                




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