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Dear colleagues and friends,


Those in the know say Friday afternoon is the worst possible time to send out an email newsletter!  However, I have recently learned that next Tuesday's webinar sponsored by Advisors in Philathropy will be free for those on my mailing list and I thought some of you would be interested.


Why a Mission Statement isn't Enough:  Creating an Expression of Donor Intent

With Amy Zell Ellsworth and Susan Turnbull, co-authors 

Across Generations: A Five Step Guide for Creating an Expression of Donor Intent.  


The legal documents that establish a family foundation, charitable trust, donor advised fund or planned gift usually do not begin to reflect the richness of personal history, values and visions that lie behind the voluntary act of generosity. Chances are those motivations and back stories are not only very interesting, but may be largely unknown or misunderstood by successors, who often struggle to find consensus, set direction and fulfill their responsibilities in the absence of an appreciation of the deepest purposes of the instrument.


Learn about the advantages of creating a non-binding donor expression of intent as a valuable complement to governance documents. 


Tuesday, May 17 2:00-3:00pm EST


Free to AiP members and for those who mention they are on my mailing list. Sign up by email here - directions at the bottom of the page. The $25 guest fee will be waived.


A good weekend to all,


  • Presentations that inspire
  • Tools that are elegant, accessible and affordable
  • A writing team that gets it done: ethical wills, expressions of intent, personal histories

Across Generations

Across Generations: A Five Step Guide for Creating an Expression of Donor Intent


June Web Classes


Intro class: Getting Started on  

Your Ethical Will

 June 8

   11:00 am or 8:00 pm EST

     1 hour  $25 


For advisors: Introducing Clients to the Concept of an Ethical Will 

(Especially for financial, estate and philanthropic advisors)

June 8 

2:00 pm EST

75 minutes  $35