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 Susan Turnbull
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For Mother's and Father's Day:
Get your parents talking with LifeLegacy Cards

Surely one of the great pleasures of the past year has been creating the LifeLegacy Cards and witnessing their effect on people. This week alone I used them in two different presentions, guiding an exercise involving people pairing up and sharing with each other their response to the card that reads,"Tell a story about a person who had an impact on you."

       What a din! There was so much talk and buzz, I had to practically shout to wrap up the exercise. I saw so many smiles, I heard so much laughter,and noticed a hand brushing wiping away a tear. Mostly I witnessed people giving one another their genuine, 100% attention, eye to eye.

       What works wonders in groups of clients and donors can work just as powerfully in a family. Do you ever wish you could get your parents or grandparents to talk about some of the bigger themes in their lives, but are not quite sure how to get them started?

        Let them see these cards. Spread them out and see what happens. I'll bet you'll all be pleasantly surprised at what unfolds - easily, naturally, comfortably, delightfully.

        In honor of all that our mothers and fathers continue to demonstrate to us - in their lives and in our memories,


Thank you, Steve:

"Susan, you obviously have an easy command of the topics and your delivery was superb. Over my career(s) I have sat through hundreds of hours of classes, seminars, and webinars, and this was one of the best I have ever experienced."          

                                            Steve Jameson, History Camera  

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