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Musings on listening. Really listening.

I had the opportunity this week to hear Nancy Kline, author of Time to Think, a book I highly recommend to anyone who is in the "listening" business - isn't that everyone? She made the point that in any interaction, the quality of attention by the one who listens makes all the difference in the quality of thinking of the one who speaks. Interrupting someone breaks not just the flow of their words, but their ability to think, reflect and figure things out. The proper role of the listener? To slow down. To be quiet!

How much easier that is said than done. Her message seems especially relevant at this time of the year when we often get to visit with relatives, friends and neighbors we don't see regularly. Sometimes those visits are loud and lively, but other times they provide the opportunity for precious, genuine attention to each other. Isn't that one of the greatest gifts we can give?  

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Strengthening "Trust" In Trustees:  Creating Letters of Wishes for Trustees
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Recent press:

Philadelphia Inquirer: this great overview of ethical wills includes some wonderful stories and quotes my observation about the explosion of interest in ethical wills.

Financial Planning Association:  After years of hearing me advocate the practice and encouraging his clients to do so, Boston financial advisor Dave Caruso admitted that he had never begun his own ethical will. Wishing to practice what he was going to preach in this blog post, he took the opportunity to write to his wife and kids. Read what he tells them.
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