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Richard Devine has performed his heavily processed and intense productions worldwide, winning over fans, journalists and seminal artists such as Autechre and Aphex Twin alike. He has been released on the most respected electronic labels, done film score work for Touchstone Pictures, sound mangling for Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, designed countless commercials as well as sound design for companies from uber-cool audio companies to car firms such as Audi and BMW!

"The Lemur is now the Swiss Army Knife of my controllers because it's able to adapt to any situation; It's the ultimate chameleon of MIDI controllers. It's mind-blowing!" - Richard Devine.

Read on to hear Richard Devine wax lyrical about the most flexible, futuristic addition to his studio and live arsenal.

Read the full interview or visit his official site


This month's Underground Star is an artist who got his hands dirty with the Lemur in the very early days and since then has taken his pet around the world and put it through it's paces in the studio.

Raw Hedroom is using JazzMutant's exclusive technology to push his electronica-influenced house and techno to the next level. This recently pricked-up the ears of the people behind German super-label Trapez and with props from some of the biggest artist in the business, now there's no looking back...

Read on to find how the JazzMutant Lemur gives this self-confessed control-addict user his fix.

Read full article or visit Raw Hedroom's Myspace or Facebook page.

King Roc

This month we have a double-feature! Not only was King Roc responsible for an album penned as "arrestingly beautiful" by the influential British "DJ mag", but he was also nominated for Best Producer and Best Album awards in the same mag's Best of British Awards. He invites us to his studio and shows us around the Lemur setup he uses to take the album, Chapters, on the road.
Not only does he take away all the smoke and mirrors to show us the whole setup in fine detail, he's also given us the Lemur template alongside the Ableton Live set. He's also left in all of the loops for two of his tracks, meaning that you can try it out for yourself. This is truly exclusive!

Watch the video and download the template here or read King Roc's artist feature.


The Lemur is a control surface for audio and media. Its uniqueness comes from its core technology: multitouch. The multitouch modular controller is used for sequencers, synthesizers, virtual instruments, VJing and lighting. The special promotional Lemur discount is $250/250€ OFF . Don't wait! This AMAZING OFFER ENDS DECEMBER 31st!

The Dexter App gives you fast control over your DAW when installed on your Lemur. It's available as an amazing widget to registered Lemur users at a great discount of 50% off. Use unique features such as the surround mixer and EQ curve without ever touching the mouse.

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