July 2012
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      I hope everyone is enjoying the summer. It certainly has been a hot one so far!  My daughter is down in DC and her thermometer was at 106 last week!  Hopefully things will cool down a bit for the second half of the summer. 

     I want to mention to everyone that the 4th Annual Are You Dense? MusicFest is coming up on Saturday, August 25th and we sure would like to see the field packed this year!  Last year we partied right through the hurricane so this year I'm positive we are going to have absolutely perfect weather.  Help us spread the news about the importance of knowing about dense breast tissue to everyone - not just Connecticut!



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Donna Johnson
Community Relations Liaison
Radiological Technologists (RT)
Are a Big Part of DRA

               Linda RT(R)(M), Felicia RT(R)(M) and Anita RT(R)(CT)

Just a few of our wonderful techs!

     The radiological technologist (RT) is the technical assistant to the radiologist and here at DRA we have some of the best!  Since X-rays are an important tool for the diagnosis of disease, RT's are valued members of the health care team.  RT's are employed at hospitals, medical offices, and clinics.  Here at DRA we have a team of certified RT's with over 150 years of experience!  (Combined not individually!)
     The RT program is tough and admissions are limited.  Generally speaking it is a two year program with clinical practice every semester.  After qualifying students study Anatomy and Physiology, Radiographic Quality, Radiographic Pathology, Physics, Diagnostic Modalities and more.
     Beyond RT certification there is an additional certification to become a mammography technologist.  A mammography certification requires another 40 hours of training specifically for mammography, training in breast anatomy and physiology, positioning and compression, QA/QC techniques and imaging of patients with breast implants.  RT's must also perform 25 mammography examinations under direct supervision of an appropriate MQSA qualified individual.  The final step is 8 hours of training on a specific mammographic modality before beginning to use that modality.
     In addition to all that training, a RT must perform 200 mammographic examinations over a 24 month period and they are expected to complete 15 Category 1 Continuing Education Credits in a 36 month peroid.  RT's are constantly learning new modalities, procedures and they keep abreast (no pun intended!) of medical updates in their field.  All the mammographic RT's at DRA are licensed by the State of Connecticut and certified by the American Registry of Radiological Technologists.
Saturday, August 25, 2012
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