May 2012
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   Can you believe it is already the third week of May!  Where does the time go?Well, now that the nice weather is here events and fund raisers abound!  It is difficult to mention them all but take a moment and go to the calendar at the bottom and see if there is an event you can help support.  Money is so tight for everyone these days especially for non-profit organizations, so they really need your help.  Be assured that all of the organizations mentioned are local and the  money that is raised stays in the Waterbury area. 

    I hope everyone enjoys the wonderful spring weather and all the fun that goes along with it.  Maybe I'll see you at one to the many events listed! 

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Donna Johnson
Community Relations Liaison
May is Osteoporosis Awareness Monthskeleton
  Osteoporosis - or porous bones - is known as "the silent thief" because it steals minerals from your skeleton without symptoms or pain until a bone breaks. It is a common misconception that osteoporosis is an inevitable part of growing older. Fortunately, prevention strategies are simple and practical lifestyle choices. These include a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D and weight-bearing exercises that work the bones against gravity. Not smoking and limiting alcohol intake will also help your bones stay strong.

            Food sources rich in calcium include:

Fat-Free Yogurt                    Cottage Cheese

Skim Milk                                Broccoli

Canned Sardines                  Almonds

Dried Figs                               Orange juice, calcium fortified

Cheddar Cheese                   Green leafy vegetables

           Risk factors for Osteoporosis:

Gender - women more than men

Age - the longer you live, the greater the likelihood of developing the disease

Family History - heredity

Ethnicity - Caucasian & Asian are at highest risk

Body Size - low body weight and small-boned frame place you at higher risk

Lifestyle - little or no exercise, smoking, excessive use of alcohol and low calcium diet place you at a higher risk.

     To determine if you have osteoporosis or may be at risk for the disease there is a specialized test called a bone density test that can measure the bone density in various sites of the body. A bone density test can detect osteoporosis before a fracture occurs, predict your chances of fracturing in the future and determine your rate of bone loss.

To schedule a DEXA (Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptomitry) call our Waterbury office at 203-756-8911. We can also schedule your mammogram for you at the same time for your convenience.

Saturday, August 25, 2012
No hurricane this year - just rockin' music,  vendors, raffles, and fun!


May 19    Home-to-Home Foundation Bike

                  Run and Picnic

May 24    Waterbury Chamber Health Care

                 Council's "Social Media in Medical Practices" Leever

                 Center, Waterbury

June 2      Relay for Life Waterbury, Crosby High School

June 4      "Women fore Women" Golf Tournament, Country Club

                  of Waterbury, Waterbury 

June 10    Easter Seals Family Fun Walk, Quassy Park,


June 20    Waterbury Chamber Health Care Council Annual

                  Awards Breakfast & Meeting, Crowne Plaza,


July 9       Home-to-Home Foundation Ponte Dinner, Ponte Club


July 15      Shaneanigans 5K Road Race, Woodbury

July 16     Home-to-Home Foundation Golf Tournament, Oxford

                  Greens, Oxford  

August 25  Are You Dense? MusicFest 2012, Quassy Park,



For more information about any of the above listed events please feel free to contact me at DRA 203-756-8911 or




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