November 2011
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NOVEMBER 19, 2011



5:30 - Midnight


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    Here's my old friend that has now been spared for the third year in a row!  Unfortunately most of us were not spared from the snow storm on October 29th.  Our Middlebury office was out of power for a week and we would like to apologize to anyone that we inconvenienced.   Thank you to all our patients and referring offices for being so understanding of the need to be rescheduled.                                                                      I would like to mention, one last time, Ladies Night Out which is coming up this Friday night.  Scroll down for more details about the event.  There are still a few tickets left for this fun night out.  You will have a great time - I promise!
    Finally, DRA and I would like to wish you all a wonderful, healthy and safe Thanksgiving holiday! 
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Donna Johnson
Community Relations Liaison


With the arrival of the first 3T MRI in the Waterbury area at DRA we are now switching our question and answer section to MRI's. Kenneth Allen, MD, a partner at DRA and Director of Greater Waterbury Imaging will answer some of the most common asked questions concerning MRI.

How long is an MRI scan?

An MRI examination usually takes significantly longer that a CT scan, averaging slightly less than half and hour.  This is

because the test is actually made up of a number of shorter

Dr. allen

Dr. Kenneth Allen

 scans performed one after another.  An MR

machine has an exceptional ability to examine soft tissues, but the kind of information that it produces depends on the way that the machine is programmed.  Since there are so many kinds

of tissues in the body, many different scans are usually run, in order to determine which of those tissues might be abnormal.  Special sequences are performed that emphasize the machine's abilityto characterize water, fat, blood, etc. and often these sequences might be repeated with the images obtained in different projections, so as to optimize the appearance of the anatomy.  Some anatomical structures might be best seen on coronal images (from the front) but others might be more well defined on sagittal (from the side) or axial (from the top) projections, so many different scan orientations are usually used to

improve the diagnostic quality of the exam.  Since each individual sequence may take from one to five minutes, the whole procedure starts to add up.  If the exam is requested with an intravenous contrast injection, which can further help characterize pathological conditions, then the study will be somewhat longer, since the non- 

contrast portion of the exam would still be performed before the injection, followed by additional sequences after the injection.  

    Fortunately the MRI scanner bed is comfortable, and small breaks are taken between various scan sequences in order to relax 'between takes' so the overall experience is generally tolerated very easily. 

  Meet DRA's Breast Imaging Coordinator 
Felicia Ferry, R.T. (R)(M)
    As DRA's Breast Imaging Coordinator Felicia Ferry spends a lot of time speaking with patients about the results of their mammograms and instilling in them how important early detection is.  Felicia has been a Radiologis Technologist for twenty plus years  receiving her training at New Britain General Hospital School of Radiologic Technology in New Britain. 
    Felicia's role at DRA includes contacting patients that have suspicious findings and or mammograms that warrant further testing such as additional views, ultrasound or a biopsy. She is the contact person for short term follow-up (3-6 months) with both patients and physicians.  She makes sure that patients do not ignore, delay or slip through the cracks for treatment and she follows all pathology for MQSA (Mammography Quality Standards Act). She is in charge of patient's letters and if there is a question concerning a patient's letter she is DRA's contact person.  Basically, she is in charge of all aspects of mammography quality and patient follow up for DRA.
       It is important to us at DRA that patients are comfortable with the quality of  testing as well as their results.  There is always a little panic when patients get a phone call about their mammogram so DRA wants to make sure patients have someone with experience and knowledge about breast health explaining the reasons for additional imaging.
       "It is important to DRA and myself that we communicate to women the need for follow-up in a personal and timely fashion," states Felicia, "I see my position as being an important part of DRA's professional yet personal health care for women."   
Ladies Night Out is Back!
Just a few more seats available!

   Ladies Night Out The 4th Annual Ladies Night Out to benefit Easter Seals is back and scheduled for Friday night, November 11th at 5:00pm at the Courtyard by Marriott in Waterbury. This is a great night out with opportunities to visit vendors from various businesses.  DRA and The Connecticut Center for Advanced Vein Therapy will be there handing out information and give-a-ways!  There will be an assortment of vendors for you to start your Christmas and Hanukkah shopping or even treat yourself to a little something!!

    Raffles will abound!!  All proceeds will help Easter Seals make dreams come true for many families in our community. Some of the services provided by Easter Seals include:

  • All Kids Child Care Centers
  • School Readiness Program
  • Birth-to-Three Program
  • Centers for Better Hearing
  • Community Employment Placement
  • Vocational Assessment and Training


Tickets for the evening are $40 and include dinner, desserts and shopping.  Tables can be reserved (and the table organizer receives a prize).  Seating is limited and there are no tickets available at the door.  This event is a sell out every year so call now for tickets.  IT'S ALL ABOUT THE KIDS!  HAVE FUN AND KNOW YOUR DONATION HELPS SO MANY IN OUR COMMUNITY.  For tickets call Edna Bruneau at Easter Seals 203-754-5141 x243.

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