October  2011
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NOVEMBER 19, 2011



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         You know the commercial for Staples where the parents are singing "It's the most wonderful time of the year?"  The NFL is using the same song to promote their season this year, as well as wearing pink; well it's our turn now.  Here at DRA we are singing "It's the most wonderful time of the year," because everyone is going pink, talking about dense breast tissue, walking for a cure, raising money for pink ribbonresearch etc. etc. etc.!   You will read and hear stories all over the news this month about new drugs, treatments, and procedures but there is one thing that will always be constant and needs to be said all year long, not just during October, is that EARLY DETECTION SAVES LIVES.   So if you know someone who does not get their mammogram yearly for whatever reason tell them to "snap out of it" and "just do it!"  Did I cover enough commercials in this opening for you?  
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Donna Johnson
Community Relations Liaison                


With the arrival of the first 3T MRI in the Waterbury area at DRA we are now switching our question and answer section to MRI's. Kenneth Allen, MD, a partner at DRA and Director of Greater Waterbury Imaging will answer some of the most common asked questions concerning MRI.

Dr. allen

Dr. Kenneth Allen

 What is the noise in MRI?

 During an MRI exam the MR machine produces a number of noises that can be fairly loud.  These noises come from the actions of the machine itself as it generates the information that is used to produce the images.  During the exam, a part of the machine called the  "gradient coil" vibrates very rapidly, as it turns a small magnetic field on and off many times per second.  This  gradient coil adds a small layer of magnetism on top of the stronger magnetic field that is on permanently inside the scanner.  The additional layer of magnetism is called a gradient (like the slope of a road when it is on a hill or grade) because the local strength of the magnetic field can be adjusted so that it becomes stronger going from left to right, from front to back, or from head to toe. These local variations in the strength of the magnetic field are used by the computer to help determine the location of the radio signals that are produced inside the body, so they can be properly represented on an image of the patient.

As the gradient coil turns on and off rapidly, the interactions of the weak gradient magnetic field with the stronger main magnet create sound waves in the same way as does the magnet in a loudspeaker.  The pattern and loudness of these noises varies throughout the exam depending on the type of scan sequence that is being performed.  

Fortunately, the sounds of the magnet can be hidden by wearing ear phones, and can be covered up by listening to music through the ear phones.  Patients may listen to a favorite CD or to any of a number of satellite radio stations during the exam, so the auditory experience inside the MRI machine may actually be a pleasure.



Here's one of my favorite little poems in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
 A Friend is Like a Good Bra......
Hard to find,
Always lifts you up,
Never lets you down or leaves you hanging,
And is always close to your heart!
HCC Poster
If you have never heard Dr. Katz speak before this is the perfect opportunity for you.  He is an informative and entertaining speaker.  Contact the Waterbury Regional Chamber now for details.
Ladies Night Out is Back!

   Ladies Night Out The 4th Annual Ladies Night Out to benefit Easter Seals is back and scheduled for Friday night, November 11th at 5:00pm at the Courtyard by Marriott in Waterbury. This is a great night out with opportunities to visit vendors from various businesses.  DRA and The Connecticut Center for Advanced Vein Therapy will be there handing out information and give-a-ways!  There will be an assortment of vendors for you to start your Christmas and Hanukkah shopping or even treat yourself to a little something!!

    Raffles will abound!!  All proceeds will help Easter Seals make dreams come true for many families in our community. Some of the services provided by Easter Seals include:

  • All Kids Child Care Centers
  • School Readiness Program
  • Birth-to-Three Program
  • Centers for Better Hearing
  • Community Employment Placement
  • Vocational Assessment and Training


Tickets for the evening are $40 and include dinner, desserts and shopping.  Tables can be reserved (and the table organizer receives a prize).  Seating is limited and there are no tickets available at the door.  This event is a sell out every year so call now for tickets.  IT'S ALL ABOUT THE KIDS!  HAVE FUN AND KNOW YOUR DONATION HELPS SO MANY IN OUR COMMUNITY.  For tickets call Edna Bruneau at Easter Seals 203-754-5141 x243.

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