August  2011
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NOVEMBER 19, 2011



5:30 - Midnight


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     That was a crazy way to end the summer.  I hope you all fared well through Irene.  Thank you to our patients that had to be rescheduled due to the loss of power. Everyone was so gracious and understanding.  I think it was because everyone was in the same boat!
      Now that things are starting to calm down and school is back in session it's time to think about scheduling your yearly mammogram.  This time of year, when the beaches close, deductibles have been met,and Breast Cancer Awareness Month advertising reminds women it's time for their annual mammography, The Women's Center at DRA really starts buzzing.  So now is the time to call and schedule your appointment. Don't forget we can do your ultrasound and DEXA bone scan at the same time for your convenience.
       Have a wonderful fall season!
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Donna Johnson
Community Relations Liaison                        


With the arrival of the first 3T MRI in the Waterbury area at DRA we are now switching our question and answer section to MRI's. Kenneth Allen, MD, a partner at DRA and Director of Greater Waterbury Imaging will answer some of the most common asked questions concerning MRI.

Dr. allen

Dr. Kenneth Allen

 Why is 3T MRI better than 1.5T?

    In magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), the strength of the magnet that is used to create the images plays a big role in determining what those images look like.  The stronger the magnet is, the more force it exerts on the protons in our bodies, causing them to give off stronger radio waves that produce sharper images in a shorter amount of time.  The unit used to measure the strength of a magnet is called a tesla (T), named for Dr. Nikola Tesla, one of the pioneering scientists who investigated the uses of electromagnetism.

     Since the mid 1980's, the strongest magnets that could be used clinically for MRI were made with a magnetic field strength of 1.5T.  It has been known for a long time that using a stronger magnet would produce better images in a shorter amount of time, but the technical difficulties associated with using strong magnets took decades to overcome.  The engineering difference between an MRI machine at 1.5T versus MRI at 3T is like the difference between making a car that can go 100 miles per hour versus one that can go 200 miles per hour.  The technical challenges have finally been resolved and the 3T MRI machines have been perfected at last, so we are very pleased to be able to bring this exciting new technology to the Waterbury community.

                       Are You Dense Is!!! 
    Good Fun and Entertainment This Sunday


 Country Music, Square & Line Dancing 

When?     Sunday, September 25, 2011

Where?    Memorial Hall, Bethlehem

Time?       2:00 - 6:00

Cost?        $10.00 at the door


Raffle Items & 50/50 Raffle

Bring your own snacks and non-alcoholic drinks


Music Provided by: "The Larry Ace Band"


For more information call 203-263-0867 or


Proceeds to Benefit Are You Dense Advocacy


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          According to the American Caner Society, one in six men will develop prostate cancer over their lifetime. It is the second leading cause of cancer death in American men, behind lung cancer.  As with breast cancer, early detection is key for treatment and survival. 

          DRA is excited to introduce new CAD (computer aided detection) software to their 3T MRI scanner.  Although prostate MRI is nothing new combining it with CAD software can drastically improve diagnostic quality.  Ask your doctor if a prostate MRI is something that can help you.  For more information about iCAD MRI go to  Prostate Patient Brochure.

vein center

Now is the time to get ready for next summer!

            If the veins on your legs kept you off the beach this summer now is the time to start thinking about getting ready for next summer.  The Connecticut Center for Advanced Vein Therapy is a comprehensive vein care center offering treatment for all types of veins from spider veins, to bulging veins, to veins with complications such as leg ulcers.

            Now is the time to start treatment for your veins.  Some insurances prefer you to try conservative management (wearing compression stockings for 6-8 weeks) before approving laser therapy. So you see that it may take some time before you get those great legs! Our office will submit all the necessary documentation to your insurance company and you will know prior to any procedure what is covered by your insurance.  Varicose veins never go away without treatment and frequently progress and worsen over time.  Call now to get started!  

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