August  2011
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NOVEMBER 19, 2011



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     Coming up at the end of this month is an event not to miss.  Please scroll down to the bottom of this newsletter and give it a look.  The "Are You Dense MusicFest" is the biggest fund raiser for an organization that is helping to saves lives as well as educate women all over the world about the importance of knowing about dense breast tissue.  Come join in the fun, kick back and listen to some great music all while supporting a great cause. Stop by the DRA tent for information and giveaways!


Enjoy the rest of the summer!

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Donna Johnson
Community Relations Liaison


With the arrival of the first 3T MRI in the Waterbury area at DRA we are now switching our question and answer section to MRI's. Kenneth Allen, MD, a partner at DRA and Director of Greater Waterbury Imaging will answer some of the most common asked questions concerning MRI.

How is MRI different from CT scanning?

Dr. allen

Dr. Kenneth Allen

  Superficially, MRI scanners and CT scanners have a similar appearance.  Both machines produce images of the insides of the body, with computer generated pictures that both display the same kinds of human anatomy.  For both scanners, the patient lies inside a hollow ring, or "gantry," while the machine does its job, although the MRI gantry is more tube-like and the CT gantry is more like a doughnut.  The space inside the gantry is the same for both machines.

  The CT scanner makes its pictures by shooting a beam of X-rays through the patient in a circular motion. The images that are produced depend on the densities of the tissues through which the X-ray beam passes.  Bone is very hard and dense, appearing white on the images, whereas fluid and soft tissues are less dense and appear darker.

  The MRI scanner does not use any radiation, but uses harmless radio-waves to help produce the images.  The MR images have a much wider range of appearances for soft tissue compared with CT, based on the composition and structure of those tissues rather than just the density of tissues, so MRI has a better ability to discriminate one tissue type from another.  This ability makes MRI very useful in detecting and characterizing soft tissue abnormalities that are associated with many different disease processes, in almost any part of the  body.

Breast Cancer Survivor & DRA Patient
Competing for Mrs. Connecticut

Suzanne Anderson- Prieto

    Suzanne Anderson Prieto has been a Connecticut resident for twenty years and has been a Radiologic Technologist in the CT Scan Department at Waterbury Hospital for 16 years.  In October of 2010 she was diagnosed with DCIS breast cancer through a routine mammogram at DRA. Suzanne considers herself lucky that her cancer was caught so early that only a lumpectomy was needed with long term Tamoxifen adjuvant therapy.

    Suzanne will be competing in this years Mrs. Connecticut American Pageant representing her hometown of Wolcott in February of 2012.  Suzanne hopes to spread the word,  "I feel very strong on the imperativeness of early breast cancer screening with both mammography and ultrasound.  I hope that in the next six months, throughout my journey months as Mrs. Wolcott, I can get my message out so many other women can be as fortunate as I was."

Waterbury Regional Chamber's
        Health Care Council
Kicks Off Educational Breakfast Series
    The Health Care Council presents the Breakfast Series to educate healthcare professionals and those in related fields.  The seminars offer attendees timely information and access to industry experts.  All seminars are held at the Chamber offices at 83 Bank Street, 4th Floor, Waterbury 7:30 - 9:00am.
For more information about the seminar series or about the Chamber's HealthCare Council call 203-757-0701.
September 28 : "Are You Ready for the Conversion from        ICD 9 to ICD 10?"
October 26: Positive Choices for Good Health
November 16: HealthCare Updates for Medical Practices
 The MusicFest is the major fund raiser and supports the Mission of Are You Dense, Inc. which raises awareness of dense breast tissue for the early detection of breast cancer.  With the leadership of Dr. Nancy Cappello, the State of Connecticut has become the leader in the nation in dense breast tissue awareness.  To find out more about  Are You Dense, Inc. and the details of the MusicFest go to their website at
Tickets for the MusicFest are available at the Harold Leever Cancer Center in Waterbury, Canfield Corner Pharmacy in Woodbury, The Palace Theater in Waterbury and The Print Shop in Wolcott. This is a great event with lots of great music, a silent auction and exhibitors. Mention this article at the DRA booth and receive a special gift!   
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