October 2010
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          October is the month when everyone is aware of breast cancer; it's hard not to when even the NFL players are wearing pink!  However, here at DRA, we are aware all year long with the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.  We know how important early detection can be - we live it everday of the year. Join us in the fight against breast cancer and ask a friend if they have had their yearly mammogam!
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New Physician
Assistant Joins DRA 

Dan   DRA is pleased to announce the addition of Daniel Baxter, MHS, PA-C to their staff.  Daniel is a graduate of Quinnipiac University Physician Assistant Program.

Daniel has worked as an Emergency Room Technician at St. Vincent's Medical Center in Bridgeport and a Emergency Medical Technician in Stratford.  He is a member of the Connecticut Academy of Physician Assistants and the American Academy of Physician Assistants. 

    Daniel is excited to join DRA and feels that "PAs have great flexibility for lateral movement.  It also helps that despite PA school being only about half as long as medical school, PAs are still able to establish quality patient-provider relationships and deliver high-caliber care."  Daniel lives in Stratford with his wife and we welcome them to the DRA healthcare team.


hyson In his monthly column, Eric Hyson, MD answers the most frequently asked questions concerning mammography, ultrasound and breast health. We have changed the name from Mammo Myths to Mammography Questions Answered  because questions come up all the time from our patients.  As always if you have a question you would like to ask Dr. Hyson please contact the DRA office at

X-Rays are used to take mammogram pictures. Are there risks to receiving this radiation?

As with most things in life, since nothing is completely risk free, it's a matter of looking at the benefit vs risk.  Radiation can cause cancer, but the risk is greatest in the young.  In the average patient, having mammograms starting at age 40, when tissues are less sensitive to radiation effects and the chance of cancer is higher, will save lives (the benefit of early cancer detection outweigh the radiation risk).  For patients who have a high chance of developing breast cancer, patients with a strong family history of breast cancer, for example, the risk/benefit ratio may indicate that screening mammography should start even before age 40.

In the News......

    There is big news  for all the women and physicians who were angered by the conflicting instructions concerning mammograms that came out about a year ago published by a government panel.  A new landmark study recently published online in CANCER has proven that the screening of women in their 40's reduces the breast cancer rate by nearly 30%.

    The Swedish study does have limitations but it is the largest study of women in their 40's to date. Researchers took advantage of the circumstances in Sweden "where since 1986 some counties have offered mammograms to women in their 40's and others have not. Specifically, they compared breast cancer deaths in women who had a breast cancer diagnosis in counties that had screenings with deaths in counties that did not, eventually finding that the rate was 26% lower in counties with screening."  The bottom line is that mammograms can dramatically save lives from breast cancer and women should begin their screenings at age 40 or before depending on their health history. 


To read more information on this study click here.


November 7th - 14 Radiology Technologist Week

November 12th Easter Seals' Ladies Night Out, Downtown Marriot

November 20th Waterbury Hospital Gala, Villa Rosa, Waterbury


As always feel free to contact Donna Johnson at 203-756-8911 for more details concering any of these events.


  This is our  office over at the Turnpike Office Park, Middlebury. It is conveniently located right off of Straits Turnpike, just  seconds from Route 84, Exit 17.  Here at the Middlebury office we offer High Field MRI, Multi-Slice CT Scanning, Ultrasound and X-Rays.  It is also home to The Connecticut Center for Advanced Vein Therapy and the DRA Call Center.  Our office is located on the lower level of the building which is accessible by going into the building under the glass awning you see in the picture above and taking the elevator to the Lower Level.   Tell your doctor you would like to schedule your appointment at DRA in Middlebury. Call 203-758-2588 for an appointment, our Call Center will be happy to take care of you!