April 2011
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     I thought it would never come but spring has finally arrived and thank goodness we are over that long winter.  I don't think my driveway will ever be the same.  Here at DRA we have all sorts of things "Springing up!"  We have joined in with "social media" and have updated our website.  We  also have big plans springing up next month. Check back with us in May to find out what they are.
      Spring also means TGIF! Waterbury Hospital's 20th Annual TGIF is coming up on April 15th. It's going to be a great time again this year so call 203-573-7591 and see if there are any tickets left!  I hope to see you there.               

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Donna Johnson
Community Relations Liaison
The new is up and running!
    We are  excited to have our new website up and running.  It is our hope that it will be  more informative and user friendly for everyone.   Our new website includes the services we provide with explainations of exams as well as exam preparations, our doctors bio's, locations and directions to our facilities.
      New features on the website include the ability for patients to request an exam day and time as well as request copies of their studies. Users can also find past issues of Images and Images On-Line, our pamphlets and brochures as well as other health care organization's  information, services and links to their websites.
      In addition to the new website DRA has joined facebook and twitter.  Why is a radiology practice getting involved in social media you ask?  Social media is spreading across countries, generations, and around the world and DRA wants to be part of it all.  We want to help spread useful information about radiology and healthcare in general.  It is also a really effective way to spread the word about upcoming events in the area.  So, click on the links below to "like" us and "follow" us and don't forget to check out our new website at  


If you have been  to the Middlebury office lately you might have heard some banging or witnessed some construction disaray.  We apologize if it has caused anyone an inconvenience.  We have a suprise coming soon and we can't wait to tell everyone about it.  Check back with us in May and find out what is under the sheet!


In his monthly column, Eric Hyson, MD, answers the most frequently asked questions concerning mammography, ultrasound and breast health.  Dr. Hyson is a partner at DRA and the Chief of Mammograpy at Waterbury Hospital.

On my mammogram reports to my doctor, I see a Category number given at the end of the report.  What is that about?  Mammography is not a test that results in only a positive or negative result. There is a spectrum to the level of suspicion regarding findings on mammography and the radiologist uses experience and judgement in deciding how suspicious a particular mammogram is.  The Category number (1 through 5) at the end of the mammogram report summarizes the level of suspicion, and as a result indicates to the referring physician the recommended management.  Category 1 is negative.  Category 2 describes a benign finding.  Category 3 notes a probably benign finding for which shorter interval recheck imaging is recommended.  Category 4 and 5 are both suspicious enough that biopsy is recommended; 4 usually turns out to be benign, while 5 is usually malignant.


April 15th   Waterbury Hospital's 20th Annual

                        TGIF, Villa Rosa, Waterbury

April 19th   Waterbury Regional Chamber's

                       Business Expo, CoCo Key, Waterbury

May 15th    Easter Seals' Family Fun Walk, Quassy Park, Middlebury


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