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April  2010
     Have you ever heard the word "healthcare" spoken so often in your life? What this new healthcare plan means for all of us is not clear at the moment but you can be sure that the average person will know more about healthcare in the not too distant future.      
       What I find amazing is that most people do not realize that when it comes to imaging they have a choice!  Choosing a radiologist should be taken as seriously as choosing your PCP(Primary Care Physician) or Cardiologist. At DRA we have nine board certified physicians and three board certified Physician Assistants. Many physicians refer their patients to us, and we appreciate their loyalty to DRA, but in the end it is truly the patient's choice as to where he or she has their imaging done. We are a full service radiology practice and can offer same day services for most exams. We have two convenient locations with plenty of parking and a wonderful staff ready to help you with your imaging needs. 
Have a great spring,
Donna Johnson
Community Relations Liaison
"Busting Mammo Myths!"
In this monthly column hysonEric Hyson, MD answers the most frequently asked questions concerning mammography, ultrasound and breast health in general.  If you have any questions you would like answered please contact us here at DRA.
"What is Inflammatory Breast Cancer?"
Inflammatory breast cancer is a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer.  Rather than presenting as a focal, confined mass, inflammatory breast cancer spreads more diffusely with involvement of the lymph channels in the skin.  As a result of this highly invasive behavior, it may cause warmth, redness, and swelling, findings that may initially suggest an inflammatory process such as infection.  Inflammatory breast cancer tends to metastasize early and has a poorer prognosis compared to most other forms of the disease.


  PLACE: Quassy
  DATE:   Saturday, August 28, 2010
  TIME:    3:00PM - 9:00PM
  TICKETS :  Adult $30.00/$40.00 at the door
                      Children $10.00/$15.00 at the door

         The Connecticut Center for Advanced          Vein Therapy  Celebrates 5th Year

      This April marks the Vein Center's fifth year of giving patients "a great pair of legs!"  The Vein Center opened in April of 2005 with Duncan J. Belcher, MD at the DRA Grandview Avenue office in Waterbury.  Due to the success of the practice and the growing number of patients requesting its services the CCAVT moved to Middlebury to expand at the Turnpike Office Park located at 1579 Straits Turnpike in September of 2007.  In June of 2008 Eric Hyson, MD, FACR joined Dr. Belcher at the Vein Center.
         The treatment of varicose veins has undergone considerable improvement over the last few years and the technology is now available at CCAVT.  In the past, correcting the problem required ligation and stripping, an invasive surgery that was followed by a hospital stay and a long recovery period.  Now we are able to correct vein problems during an office visit with little or no pain.
         CCAVT also has on staff  Patient Coordinator, Debby Atkinson.  Debby is well versed in all phases of vein treatment and can help you through the entire process.  Call for a consultation today and stop hiding your legs this summer!
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