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March 17th
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Healthcare Council
7:45AM - 9:00AM
Courtyard Marriott
63 Grand Street
"The Healthcare System of the Future" 
Sweeping changes are coming. This program will explore the subject from the point of view of health care providers.
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March 2010
           Top of the Mornin' to you all!  March is here and with it comes all sorts of great things like longer days, March Madness and of course, St. Patrick's Day.  Believe it or not I'm an Irishman of few words but I do want to leave you with you with one of my favorite Irish sayings,            
         May you have warm words
                    on a cold evening,
             A full moon on a dark
              And the road downhill
              all the way to your door.
Have a great month everyone!
Donna Johnson
Community Relations Liaison
Diagnostic Radiology Associates
"Busting Mammo Myths!"
In this monthly column hysonEric Hyson, MD answers the most frequently asked questions concerning mammography, ultrasound and breast health in general.  If you have any questions you would like answered please contact us here at DRA.
 Why wasn't I told about dense breast tissue before?  Evidence has been accumulating for years that the accuracy of mammography is limited by normal dense breast tissue, and that screening with other imaging tools such as ultrasound or MRI may be able to find additional breast cancers missed by mammography. It has only been in the last couple of years that Connecticut law has required insurance coverage for screening breast ultrasound in women with dense breasts. Only within the last year has the law required that letters patients receive following mammograms alert patients to the limitations of mammography in women with dense breast tissue and the possible need for further imaging with other modalities.
Take a Look at Our "Top Docs"
 Two DRA Docs Honored as "Top Docs"
     Every April Connecticut magazine features  Connecticut's "Top Doctors."  The magazine sends out more than 2,000 questionnaires to doctors statewide and ask them to recommend a doctor (other than themselves) to whom they would send a loved one for care.  This year radiology was included in the group of specialties and we are proud to have two of our doctors on the list.  Of course, not every good physician in the state makes the list, otherwise all nine of our doctors would be on the list!   berg paintings
        Dr. Anthony Carter has been with DRA since 1987.  He did his Residency in Radiology at Yale New Haven Hospital as well as a Fellowship in Body Imaging. He has a Teaching Appointment at Yale New Haven Hospital and is currently the Director of Ultrasound at Waterbury Hospital.  Dr. Carter is genuinely compassionate to his patients and possesses a calming gentleness that is very reassuring in patient care.
     Dr. Eric Hyson also did his Radiology Residency at Yale New Haven Hospital with a Special Certification in Vascular  and Interventional Radiology. He has a Teaching Appointment at Yale and most Tuesday afternoons you will find him at Yale.  He is currently the Director of Mammography at Waterbury Hospital and has been a partner at DRA for thirty years.  There is not a person who has met Dr. Hyson that does not love and respect him. 
                                 Here at DRA we feel extremely lucky to have both of these physicians as part of our group.  

Why Should I Attend TGIF?  Top Ten Reasons!



     If you have never attended Waterbury Hospital's premier woman's health forum and want to know why you should attend this year I'm going to give you some excellent reasons.
 1.) It's a night out with friends. All women, all ages.
 2.) It's educational. This year's speakers are Kevin Kett, MD
        and Stephen Widman, MD from Cardiology Associates
        of Waterbury and they will tell us all about women's 
        heart health.
 3.) It's fun. Scot Haney & Teresa LaBarbera will be  there at
         4:30 for photos and fun!
 4.) There are vendors with information about woman's health
        issues, local doctors, holistic medicine and more.
 5.) There is shopping!  Vendors  will have an assortment
        of jewelry,  party accessories, chocolate and gifts.      
 6.) There are give-a-ways!  Freebies for everyone!
 7.) There are raffles!!  Some are free just for attending!
 8.) Good food - TGIF is at the Villa Rosa and their food is
         always good!
 9.) No kids, no pets, no husbands or significant others!
10.) Do you really need more?!
For further information or to register for the event, please contact the Waterbury Hospital Development Office at 203-573-7691 or 203-573-6085.