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July  2009

    I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July and you are all enjoying your summer.  The weather hasn't exactly been the best this year but at least it's rain and not snow! 
   Remember even though it is summer if it's time for your mammogram don't put it off!  We are here!  Don't let the months go by if it's time for your yearly exam.  If you are not sure when your annual is due give our office a call and we can check it for you.  Also, ask your doctor if it is time for a DEXA Bone Density exam, at DRA we can schedule them together for your convenience. 
Have a great summer!
Donna Johnson
Community Relations Liaison
"Busting Mammo Myths!"
It's time to switch over to ultrasound and try to clear up some of the confusion about when an ultrasound is needed and why. 
"What does it mean if my mammography report says I have dense breasts?"  Normal breast tissue is a mixture of fat and fibro-glandular tissue.  The x-rays used for a mammogram can see cancers most easily through the more transparent fatty tissue.  It is more difficult to see cancers through denser, more opaque fibro-glandular tissue.  If your mammography report says you have dense breasts, it means that you have more fibro-glandular tissue than fat, and that it is more difficult for mammograms to see a cancer.  This is a situation in which your doctor may recommend breast ultrasound to better see into the mammographically dense areas.  

What exactly is a CT Scan?

   CT or computed tomography is a diagnostic  imaging procedure that uses x-rays to obtain cross-sectional images of the body.  It helps physicians diagnose diseases, tissue abnormalities, as well as monitoring therapies for treating these diseases.
   The CT machine looks like a large box with a hole in the center. Unlike MRI, the "hole" or "tunnel" is not very deep and the actual time during the taking of pictures is only minutes.  The preparation time takes longer than the procedure itself.
   Depending on what study is ordered by your physician, you may be required to drink barium for abdominal and pelvic scans or receive an injection of contrast, or dye, as it is commonly referred to.  Barium will fill up your intestinal tract.  This will help the radiologist see the lining as well as any growths within the bowel.
   The intravenous contrast is given through a needle placed into a vein like a regular IV.  The contrast high-
lights vascular structures as well as normal tissue of different organs.  It is not radioactive and only stays in
your system for a short time.
   When you are brought into the CT suite, the technologist will explain the study to you.  There is always a radiologist present in the office to answer any
questions that you may have.  Unless you are having a head, sinus or neck CT, you will be going into the machine feet first.  More than likely your head will not go into the machine.  If you are having intravenous contrast, an IV will be started before the procedure.
   As the CT machine takes its pictures you will hear a noise something like a small engine running. The bed will move in and out of the center of the machine.  If you are having a chest, abdomen or pelvic CT, you will hear an automated voice ask you to hold your breath.  Once this part of the procedure is started, your exam will be over in a matter of minutes.
 Our Middlebury office is located at 1579 Straits Turnpike and offers CT Scanning as well as MRI, Ultra-
 sound and Diagnostic Radiology.
For an
call our
Center" at

Still time to schedule an appointment this summer!!

Get yourself a great pair of legs! 

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Save the Date Correction!!
   In my last months newsletter I mistakenly said the Music Fest was on September 19th!!  That is incorrect; the date of the Music Fest is September 12th!!  I have so many events (including a family wedding) in September that I was confused.  Sorry for the wrong information but I hope the correct date of September 12th is a date you can make.  This event is going to be "Rockin'!"  Please join us at Quassy Amusement Park from 11am to 9pm for a day full of music and fun all for a great cause.  Bring a chair or blanket and a picnic basket.  For tickets or information regarding this event call Donna Johnson at DRA 203-756-8911.