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February 2009

         It's still February isn't it? For a short month February certainly has its share of holidays - Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day, President's Day and that doesn't even include family holidays!  How is a person suppose to get a newsletter written by the 15th?  Obviously I don't know or at least I haven't figured it out yet, maybe by spring. 
     Speaking of spring, March 20th (the official 1st day of spring) cannot come soon enough for me.  Let's hope it arrives on time.  As always,  if you have any questions about the information in this issue please feel free to contact me.
Donna Johnson
Community Relations Liaison      

"Busting Mammo Myths"    


 By Eric Hyson, MD
DRA Radiologist & Chief of Mammography at Waterbury Hospital 
Every issue we will take a common myth or misconception concerning mammography or breast health and give you the correct information.  If you have a question that you would like answered please feel free to contact our office.
"After a screening mammogram, if I get called back for additional pictures, I am probably going to need a biopsy."
No! The additional pictures are usually needed because the radiologist wants to get a better look at a questionable area on your screening mammogram.  If a suspicious area is confirmed, then a biopsy may be recommended, but most of the time a biopsy is not necessary.  Commonly the additional pictures show that the original area of concern was just overlapping normal breast tissue or other clearly benign causes.  Sometimes the radiologist may want to keep a closer eye on things by doing a recheck mammogram in 6 months, with the result that the vast majority of these patients will also not need to have a biopsy.

Home-to-Home Announces Their "Hoopsters" Team for the               Big Game!!Home-to-Home "Hoopsters" Team Named!!

     Former UCONN Huskie, Maria Conlon will lead the HTHF's "Hoopsters" on Friday night, April 24th in a comedy basketball game against the "Court Jesters." The "Hoops to Bring Hope" game at Wilby High School in Waterbury is being played to raise funds that will benefit the Foundation's 13 nursing homes in the Greater Waterbury area.  Playing along side Maria will be Waterbury Hospital's very own Dr. Rich Silverman, former Govenor John Rowland, HTHF accountant and athlete extraordinaire, John Kolani, representatives (the wild and crazy guys) from Utopia Home Care, Inc., and a special guest appearance from Mayor Michael Jarjura!
     The evening will be filled with great fun for all members of the family.  Halftime raffle prize  will be the winner's choice of either a three hour basketball clinic with Maria Conlon or a paid dinner with Maria. Tickets for the game are on sale at DRA, Waterbury Pulmonary Associates or by calling the Home-to-Home Foundation at 203-591-9061.  There are also sponsorship opportunities still available that are very affordable for your business.  Call the Foundation and ask how you can help support this wonderful cause!


cupcake ad
   Hopefully during the next few months you will notice our new ad for digital mammography in your local papers.  We want to remind all women turning 40 that now is the time to start your yearly breast cancer screening with a mammogram once a year.  We also want women to think of having a mammogram as a celebration of a new rite of passage.  If you are turning 40 and are scheduling your first mammogram tell us and let us help you celebrate.  After all, turning 40 is a really big deal!