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June 2008
Greetings! dj

 I don't know about anyone else but I am sure thrilled that the school year is over!  Everyone says the kids need the break but I'll bet  parents need the break more. I know I do!
 I hope you all enjoy the summer season and if any of your summer activities cause you to be in need of imaging remember DRA now has two locations, Middlebury and Waterbury, for your convenience.  Have a great summer!
Donna Marie Johnson
Community Relations Liaison

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DRA Middlebury
1579 Straits Turnpike
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Middlebury,CT 06762
High Field MRI
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Screening Breast Ultrasound 
Diagnostic Radiology
"Busting Mammo Myths!"
hyson By Eric Hyson, MD
DRA Radiologist & Chief of Mammography at Waterbury Hospital
Every issue we will take a common myth or misconception concerning mammography or breast health and give you the correct information.  If you have a question that you would like answered please feel free to  contact our office.
"I've heard that a mammography is very painful; that's why I'm afraid to have one."
Mammography requires compression of the breasts to achieve the best quality images, because compression separates out normal tissue densities to see if an underlying cancer is present.  Good compression also prevents blurring of the image from heart pulsations and results in lower radiation exposure than with poor compression.  Most women would say that there is some discomfort with mammogram compression but that it is quick and isn't very painful.  The mammography technologist who does your mammogram should work with you to get good compression on your mammogram, but should back off if you indicate that you are actually having pain.  For premenopausal women with particularly tender breasts, try to schedule your mammogram at the time of month when the tenderness is least.  If you have concerns about the compression, discuss them with the technologist before the procedure. 
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