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March 6, 2010
SS United States: A Call to Arms
Please Help Us Go Viral

SS United States: A Call To Arms
An image from the new video SS United States: A Call to Arms

Dear SS United States Conservancy Members and Supporters:
The SS United States Conservancy continues to operate in a Red Alert "All Hands on Deck" mode as the clock ticks toward a possible sale to scrappers.  The Conservancy has learned that bids have been solicited from several scrap metal companies, and a decision could be made by her current owners, NCL/Genting, before the end of the month. 

The Conservancy's S.O.S. (Save Our Ship) campaign is gaining momentum, but we need your help.  "We've seen an enormous groundswell of public support for the SS United States throughout the nation," said Conservancy Board President Susan Gibbs, whose grandfather, William Francis Gibbs, designed the vessel.  "We're modeling this campaign on the public subscription which saved the USS Constitution back in the 1920s through contributions of Americans from all walks of life.  There's a reason why this ship is still with us.  She absolutely must be saved for future generations."

The Conservancy's new three-minute video, SS United States: A Call to Arms, quickly tells the story of the vessel's irreplaceable significance to our national heritage.  To watch, please click here or on the image above.  The short film directs viewers to the Conservancy's website to make donations to our new Plank Owner fund-raising drive.  In just forty-eight hours, the video has been viewed by nearly 1400 people, and the donations are coming in, but we need hundreds of thousands more people to see this film and contribute to the cause.  Time is of the essence, so we need this video to "go viral" as quickly as possible.  Please take a moment to watch, and then post it to your Facebook profile, send out a Tweet, and share it in an email with your friends, families, associates, and civic leaders.  We are truly down to the wire in our effort to save our national flagship, and we need everyone to act now.  To make a contribution to our Plank Owner program, click here

Please take action now!  We are closer than ever to seeing this national historic landmark destroyed.  There will never be another SS United States!

The SS United States Conservancy's Board of Directors
S.O.S. Beacon Picked Up by Major Media
Major Media and Bloggers Are Helping Spread the Word

Wall Street Journal
Runs Second Story

Since the Conservancy's press release related to the potential scrapping of our national flagship, several news organizations and bloggers have picked up the story.  Please click on the logos below to read. 

WSJ Masthead

The Conservancy's Executive Director, Dan McSweeney, had this op-ed piece published on March 4, 2010: 

New York Post Masthead

Author and Conservancy Board Member Steven Ujifusa published this in-depth analysis of the situation: 

Plan Philly Logo

Other media helping to spread the S.O.S. beacon: 

DNAinfo Logo

PHILLYist Logo

KYW Logo

Travel Weekly Masthead

In addition, several blogs have carried the story, easily found by a Google Blog Search for "SS United States."  Please take a few moments to read these informative articles and post comments in support of SAVING OUR SHIP!  Steer their readers to the video and the Plank Owner donation site.  We must sound the alarm now!
  New York City Campaign Kick-off and Film Screening
Still Time to Register Before Thursday March 11, 2010

A special screening of the award-winning American Public Television documentary,  SS United States: Lady in Waiting, will be held at the National Academy Museum (1083 Fifth Avenue, at 89th Street in Manhattan) on Thursday, March 11th, 7 p.m., followed by a reception and call to action.

"This will be an great affair," said the Conservancy's New York Working Group Chair Susan Caccavale.  "The space is lovely and we're linking with Kings Point, Fort Schuyler, the Webb Institute, and other maritime alumni associations to really get a great crowd in attendance.  We need to raise awareness on the dangers facing our great national flagship and this will be a very effective way to do so."

A brief presentation and reception will follow the film screening, including important updates and announcements by several members of the Conservancy's Board of Directors and Advisory Council, including Walter Cronkite IV.  The late Walter Cronkite was Honorary Chair of the Conservancy's Advisory Council, and we are delighted that his grandson has embraced the cause!

Elaine Kaplan, a New York-born nautical engineer with Gibbs & Cox, the firm that designed the SS United States, will also be honored in remarks by her daughter, Susan Caccavale.  Ms. Kaplan was a pioneer in her field in the 1940s and '50s, designing the top secret propellers which pushed the vessel to break the transatlantic speed record, maintained to this day.

Registration is via the Conservancy website.  

  National Plank Owner Campaign Gains Momentum
SSUS Plank Owner Logo
Save our Ship: Building a National Groundswell of Support

The Conservancy's new national campaign titled "Save Our Ship" (SOS) offers a "Plank Owner" certificate for tax-deductible donations of at least $25 via its new donor website:

Please click on the link and give as generously as you can.  If every American gives just $5 or $25 dollars, the SS United States could be saved, but we urgently need your generous contributions NOW. 

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