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Air 9 Carbon

Niner is stoked to offer new carbon handlebars. Bars are carbon-tuned for increased ride quality/comfort, with the same sweep and width as our original Flat Top 9 alloy handlebars. The bars also feature a new +/- 5mm rise/drop, via an offset bulge in the bar's center section, for another way to get a great fit on your bike.

Bar Diagram

Quality of this product is very important to us. Flat Top 9 carbon bars are covered by Niner's new C5 warranty program, our way of saying that you can be confident in our carbon design and testing. Additionally, claimed weight is consistent with actual weight.

These bars are available in 4 color options to match both Niner frames and non-Niner products. Niner Flat Top 9 carbon bars are in stock, ready to ship to USA Niner Bikes dealers, or available in the Niner Store to ship anywhere in the USA. For international orders, please contact your local Niner distributor.

  • 710mm width with markings for cutting down as far as 650mm
  • bar-end compatible
  • carbon-tuned for ride quality
  • +/- 5mm rise via the bar design
  • graphics that look great right side up or upside down
  • 175g weight (full 710mm width)
  • 160g weight (cut down 650mm width)
  • 9 sweep
  • Red, Kermit Green, Moondust Grey and Tang Orange 
  • $159.99 MSRP


Additionally, Niner is pleased to announce that the alloy Flat Top 9 bar is now available in 4 colors, with the same specs as the original model:

  • 7075 T-6 Handlebar
  • 710mm width
  • Cut marks make it easy to trim.
  • 9 sweep for comfortable hand position
  • bar end compatible
  • Red, Kermit Green, Moondust Grey and Tang Orange
  • 250 grams
  • $49.99 MSRP


Due to manufacturing bandwidth/production delays, all 1 1/8 tapered forks in tang, hot tamale, solid gold, root beer, atomic blue, godzilla green, kermit green, moondust grey, will not be available until May. Nude and white finishes are in production, but due to huge demand we will be filling back orders in order they were placed. 

We understand your frustration and please know that we want these forks finished and out to the folks waiting for them, too. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Niner Tech
Air 9 Carbon

Niner Bikes announces a new five year warranty on all carbon products. This includes the Niner Air 9 Carbon frame, the Niner Carbon fork and the new Niner Flat Top 9 carbon bar.


"Niner Bikes is proud of the testing and care we put into the design and manufacture of our carbon products. We feel that the best way to show this is to extend our warranty period to five years on all carbon items - our C5 program. This warranty is retroactive for all owners of Niner carbon products."


Steve Domahidy, Co-founder


Our carbon fiber testing and design rivals the best in the bike industry. Rather than just talking about it, we choose to demonstrate this commitment via a dedication to amazing product testing, frame and component longevity and our new carbon guarantee.

  • Warranty is retroactive for all current owners of Niner Air 9 Carbon frames and forks.
  • Warranty is only available for original product owners with proof of purchase from an authorized Niner dealer, no online auction purchases will be honored.
  • For best service, current unregistered Niner product owners are encouraged to register on the Niner Bikes online warranty registration site. For future purchases, online registration will be required for warranty service.

See our Niner Encyclopedia for complete warranty information.


And for fun, let's hammer the point home.


Did you know that Niner is one of the few companies who does not void your bike's warranty if you race?

We think it is important to point out that we are one of the few companies for whom racing is encouraged, and where pinning on a number does not immediately void the warranty. Racing does put more strain on bikes, but we design for that, and want you to feel good about racing your Niner.

So, go get out there and get after it! And while you are at it, post some racing pics on the Facebook page!

Join IMBA, Support Trails!

Join IMBA, Support Trails!

We have a lot of really great things to announce regarding our 2011 team!

1. First, all of the usual suspects are back and we have added one more troublemaker to the list!

Dejay Birtch is still our Fearless (and and sometimes shirtless) leader
Fuzzy Mylne is our Grooming expert and winner of prettiest eyes 2010
Tim Allen is living the dream so we don't have to (someone buy him a burger!)
Rebecca To... Toma... Tomaszewski has turned into a full on XTerra geek!
Skyler Trujillo is our entire devo program (good thing he wins a lot!)

and introducing southern belle and grad-student-to-be Donna Miller, our newest victim, I mean, team member!

2. For 2011, we have upped the game with Stan's NoTubes coming in huge to support both our racers and our traveling Demo program. Any time you demo a Niner with our traveling demo fleet this year, you also get to test the stellar tubeless products from Stan's.

Also coming in big time is Ergon. You all know that we swear by their awesome grips, and you will find these products and more from this smart company on our traveling demo bikes and team bikes, too!

We are also hooked up with SRAM (got some sweet 2x10!), Continental Tires, Topeak, Thomson, Louis Garneau, Epic Brewing and Sylvan Sport. We will be featuring all of these great companies on our team page, the facebook page and on our team and demo fleets. Watch for deals info across all of our sites! The whole thing will be documented by Michael Darter - he's one of the best photogs in the business and we are stoked to have him on board.

3. You will be able to track our team and our traveling demo right on our Facebook page. We are just now entering events for 2011, but keep an eye out for stops at shops near you!

We are pretty sure that our team has more fun than anyone else out there. Hopefully you will seek us out at races, grab an Epic from the cooler and chill with us in the parking lot!

There is a ton more to come, join our Facebook page to keep tabs on the hairiest team in MTB (with apologies to Rebecca and Donna)!


We have a great crew of people who work to bring Niner Bikes to the world, and as a part of expanding the Niner community, we thought we would start making some introductions:

Introducing Kyle MacFarlane.

Kyle, our Production and Planning Analyst, grew up in the east, where he learned to ride mountain bikes in the woods of NW Pennsylvania. He still loves the trails of the east and when you ask him what his favorite trail is, he speaks fondly of the racing near Holiday Valley, NY.

Kyle is one of the dedicated singlespeeders in our office, and now that he lives in Los Angeles, you might spot his Niner One 9 (with carbon fork, of course) on any of the trails in the Santa Monica Mountains. He is cruising on a 32x19, so if you catch him, having a conversation should be no problem. ;-)

Kyle's best bit of bike advice is singlespeed-related, too. He highly recommends the Stan's Tubeless system, because of the low pressures (and therefore, better traction) it allows. "Getting tubeless set up the first time can be intimidating, but the Stan's website makes it easy. Just follow their simple tutorials, and then enjoy how much better your bike rides with tubeless."

the bike shop

The Bike Shop at 10th and North Avenue in Grand Junction, Colorado is located next to some of the best desert riding terrain in North America. Beginning life 57 years ago inside of a hardware store, today there's nary a trace of hardware unless it relates somehow to cycling.  


"Co-owners Bryan Miick (who has turned wrenches professionally for 28+ years),  Ash Jordan (who can't imagine doing anything else with his life) and our staff of 10 all love bikes and sharing the fun of cycling with everyone  we encounter.


Grand Junction/Fruita, Colorado has become one of the best and most challenging places in the world to mountain bike.With trails like Holy Cross, Tabegauche and Kokopelli to conquer, we were on a quest to find the perfect 29er. We initiated conversations with some of our bicycle companies' engineers to develop a full suspension 29er, with mixed results. Some companies saw engineers move on and leadership change focus. Other companies sent us their 29er bikes to try, but we found them less than ideal. But our story has a happy ending: we found Niner.


Our staff knew what we were looking for in 29er bikes and we realized that Niner had nailed it. Niner had 8 completely different types of 29er bikes with completely different geometries and materials, and we could build them up however we wanted.A little over a year ago our mechanic Keith Kitchen convinced us to bring in some Niner demo bikes.  We decided that if we were going to provide our customers with the best ride of their lives then we had better do it right.We built each bike with top of the line wheels from DT Swiss, Mavic, Easton, Crank Brothers, and Stan's; forks from Fox, White Brothers, Marzocchi, and even a Cannondale Carbon Lefty; and top of the line drive trains from SRAM and Shimano.  We built up 7 demo bikes and  were instantly blown away with the significantly better ride characteristics compared to all the other brands that we had tried over the years.  Every time we send out someone on a demo ride they come back smiling and trying to figure out how to get one.  Every single demo rider has told of how they climbed a section of trail that they never had before and/or how much faster they rode their favorite trail.  We are hooked and we love them. 

Our current Niner demo fleet is made up of the following bikes:


       Jet 9 - Medium and Large

       R.I.P. 9 - Small, Medium, and Large

       W.F.O. 9 - Medium and Large


We will be adding Air 9 bikes this Spring, 2011. If you are thinking about a new bike or just wanting to try something new and exciting that will forever change your perspective on Mountain Biking, then give us a call and try one of our great demos.   Get ready for an unbelievably amazing experience: over 90 percent of the people who have tried our Niner demos have bought one or are in the process of building up their own Niner dream bike. Remember, "Dream big, dream Niner."

You can contact The Bike Shop to arrange a demo - early spring is a great time to hit the desert!

 (970) 243-0807


Topanga Creek Bicycles is located right in the middle of classic California mountain bike terrain and not too far from Niner HQ. Stop on by, grab one of the creek-side Adirondack chairs and immerse yourselves in bike culture:

"Our shop focuses primarily on mountain bikes and touring bikes. Physically we're on the edge of Topanga State Park, also known as "the largest state park within a city limit in the U.S." For mountain bikers, the park offers great trails for all levels of off-road riding. Whether you start from Trippet Ranch (main trailhead) or via Cheney Road off Topanga Canyon Blvd, it's just a short ride from our shop for an all-day mountain biking fun. Through our demo program, you can even tackle all of these amazing trails on a Niner.

So if you're in the area, just come relax in our yard (next to the creek!), or warm up by the pot belly stove on a cold day. We welcome you to visit us in Topanga and perhaps go on a great bike ride."

Contact Topanga Creek to arrange a demo ride on the Niner of your choice. Check our demo list to see what they have in stock, current demo bikes include the Jet 9, R.I.P. 9 and the Air 9. For the latest on group rides, Topanga Creek is also on Facebook.




Coupon code is good for 20% off retail in the Niner store, for a limited time, while supplies last.

2011 already!  Wow, time flies when you are having fun. It is

a dream come true to spend our days riding, testing and imagining what

new things we can bring to you to enjoy your ride even more. Thanks

for a wonderful 2010 and looking forward to 2011

Chris & Steve
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