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Travis (in plaid), Fuzzy (in Wheaties), Dejay (in almost nothing) headed down to Rotorua, New Zealand for the Singlespeed World Championships. The guys all had wicked Air 9 Carbon frames to race and some pretty special costumes with which to torment the competition.

We had a great showing of Niners from all over the world, including S.I.R. 9s, Air 9 Carbons, One 9s and even a Jet 9 singlespeed conversion. Most of these folks showed up at our Niner party (everyone that brought a Niner got a free beer), and one lucky person won an S.I.R. 9 frame in a raffle that benefitted the Rotorua Singlespeed Society and their local trails.

Race day served up the usual craziness. If you looked under the wigs and dresses you would have spotted Pro Tour racers, World Cup caliber mountain bikers, National Champions and local heros, all gathered for an event that included great racing, beer and victory tattoos. Check out our Facebook page to see tons more pics.

So, on to the really big news:  New Zealander Garth Weinberg won the 2010 Singlespeed world championships on his Niner Air 9 Carbon!

For those unfamiliar with the event, the male and female winners do not get rainbow stripes - they get a mandatory tattoo (best not to win if you are not a fan of ink). As you can see in the pic at the top of the page, Garth got his tattoo over his heart, underscoring how hard he worked for this! We may have to add a Rotorua World Champion decal to our Air 9 Carbon frames...

Finally, for those of you planning to attend next year - Ireland defeated South Africa in the horizontal bungee and next year's event will be held on the beautiful singletrack of the Emerald Isle. We look forward to seeing all of you there!

photocredits, top to bottom: Graeme Murray, Fenton Hazelwood, and iphone pic by Travis



MBA Review

"Niner's Air 9 Carbon is a convincing argument for racers to dump their 26-inch hardtails forever. It shaved almost a minute a mile off our best time around the test circuit - and that is impressive."

MBA, November 2010

One of the things that we do here at Niner is pay very close attention to the opinions of riders and reviewers. We set time aside every week to read forums, peruse review sites and thumb through magazines and discuss items that we feel are of particular importance.

This past month has garnered a number of very positive additions to our review collection. For those of you who haven't seen them, here are links to Air 9 Carbon (Mountain Bike Action) and R.I.P. 9 (Feed the Habit) reviews that we are proud to share.


We just got confirmation that the first production batch of Air 9 Carbon frames in size small will be arriving on Nov. 15. Barring any Murphy's Law disasters, we should have a limited number of small white frames shipping to our dealers that have pre-orders in place around the end of November. Just like with previous shipments, please do not call us to see if your frame is in this batch - we don't know, only your shop knows. As soon as the frames are in stock, we will notify the shops that are receiving them, and they in turn will notify folks that have them on order. If you do want to call someone about your order, call your shop!

If you are one of the lucky recipients, we would love to see your build - post it on Facebook!

Niner Sweater
Niner Sweater

You may have seen the guys at Singlespeed Worlds in the new Niner Wool Sweater, and now we have it in our Niner store. Features 100% Merino wool, a full 2-way zipper, Niner on the front, a big red 9 on the back and a Pedal Damn It patch on the sleeve. No pockets, so that it works better with Camelbaks and après ride. We have both men's and women's styles, they fit very true to size. This is the perfect sweater to keep around for everyday use - not too heavy, just nice and warm. 


 Supplies are limited, but we have a coupon at the bottom of this letter for folks who are interested!

Niner Tech
Lightest a9c
We have seen a ton of really beautiful Air 9 Carbon builds out in bike-land lately. From the stealthy to the super blingy, it has been fun to see how each Niner owner makes the Air 9 Carbon theirs.
One bike in particular has caught our eye, initially because of the crazy light build, but on further inquiry, we found that the story was pretty cool, too.

Matthew K's Air 9 Carbon currently weighs 13 lbs, 15oz. (6.33Kg):

"I'm loving my bike. It's my first 29er but I've been riding rigid SS since Christmas 1998. The difference in the ride is almost unfathomable. Going from a rigid 26er SS to a rigid 29er SS is like getting a couple inches of travel out of the trade. It's amazing!! I've got the weight down to 13lb.15oz. but I've got some major plans. I think I can get it under 13lbs and still beat the crap out of it. When I ordered the frame and fork in January I weighed 205lbs and I knew that the wheelset had a weight limit of 170lbs so I lost the weight to ride my bike. Now with gear on I hit the scales at 174lbs..."

Frame: Air 9 Carbon Frame, Size Medium with standard FSA headset
Fork: Niner Carbon Fork
Bar: Ritchey Super Logic riser cut to 25.5"
Stem: FSA 0S-99 90mm, polished just for looks
Post: KCNC Ti-Pro scandium cut to length
Saddle: Edge carbon w/ carbon rails
Clamp: Mortop w/ ti bolt
Grips: ESI racers edge cut to 4"
Crank & BB: Sweetwing circa 1995, Hollow chromoly 48 splines and one big ass ti bolt.
Ring: Salsa 22t
Bolts: Orgins alloy
Cog: 12t Crupi alloy
Chain: KMC x10sl
Pedals: Crank Bros. Egg Beater 4ti
Brakes: Formula R1 w/ carbon lever blades and alloy bolts
Rotors: Gatorbrake w/ 3 ti bolts per rotor
Wheels: Stans 29er race wheels, w/ Rox Ultralite rim strips
Tubes: Maxxis Flyweight 26er
Tires: Schwalbe 29er Furious Freds
Skewers: Control Tech Scandium Race
Lots and lots of titanium and alloy bolts!

Craig Calffee is a builder we know and admire here at Niner Bikes. In particular, we are stoked on the work he is doing with his bamboo bikes around the world.

The BBC has selected this manufacturing work in Africa as a finalist for their highly competitive and widely publicized World Challenge prize. If they win, it will provide capital to help grow the project. So whether you think incubating small businesses in Africa is important, or just love the uniqueness and sustainability of a bamboo bike, to help, go here to get more info and to vote for the winner.

Join IMBA, Support Trails!


We have a great crew of people who work to bring Niner Bikes to the world, and as a part of expanding the Niner community, we thought we would start making some introductions:

Introducing Travis Scot Underwood.

Our fearless Operations Manager (ie. wearer of many hats), and new SoCal resident, comes to us with a ton of great experience and a terrific sense of humor...

In additon to being a devotee of Singlespeed Worlds (that is him on the right, above), Travis seeks adventure in many forms - he is an avid skiier, climber and rafter, the owner of a geriatric German Shepherd, and a newly minted marathoner (we wish him luck in New York!).

His current bike of choice is his Air 9 Carbon, also pictured above, and his favorite trails are near his hometown - Crested Butte, CO. In particular, he is fond of Trail 401 and the Reno/Flag/Bear/Doctor's Park loop. But really, Travis had a hard time picking out his favorite bike experience, as he has traveled the world on 2 wheels - riding everything from La Ruta De Los Conquistadores in Costa Rica to the Karapoti in New Zealand.

When we asked for his best bike maintenance tip, he suggested that you avoid it altogether, by riding a singlespeed, rigid, Air 9 Carbon!

Basic Bikes

One of the coolest parts of being in new Zealand for Singlespeed Worlds was that we got to check out the local shops. Basic Bikes was a great find, and if you live in New Zealand, or if you are planning a vacation there, these guys are your best contact. Here is what co-founder Ewen has to say:

"Basic was opened in Beckenham, Christchurch, close to the Port Hills and the trails in 2008.  Owned by Ewen & Tanya Robertson and staffed by an eclectic collection of mechanics. Ewen runs the workshop while Tanya does the merchandising and accounts. The plan is simple provide quality service, with a well equipped shop, no BS, just the facts, do it right or do it again, Basic really!


This is not your average store, more like a "gentleman's ( & Ladies) social club". Fuelled by good coffee, cake and beer. The main focus of the store is high end trail bikes, custom builds, and workshop, half the store being dedicated to service. We also provide full machine shop services for those jobs you can't get off the shelf!


29ers and Niner have been a strong and growing part of the bike market for us. We took on board Niner in a big way to now are the main stockist in NZ - working closely with the importer to provide a one stop shop for Niner customers. 29ers are ideal for the terrain in the South Island - rocky, rooty, technical single track. Big wheels just roll over the chop, and allow better speed on the often long gravel road sections of the back country rides. Many customers are moving away from 26" wheeled 6" travel bikes to the R.I.P. 9 or W.F.O. 9 for smoother riding. 


We keep a fleet of demo bikes in most models and sizes, and with staff bikes also being available, there is usually a demo model available in the Niner you are after."



Our second featured shop was the host Singlespeed Worlds last year. In fact, they have a decades long legacy of supporting mountain bike events:

"With over 40 years in business at the same location, Mountain Bike Specialists has witnessed the growth of mountain biking first hand. We feel fortunate to be able to ride from the store and be cruising on world class single track in less than five minutes. We promoted the first mountain bike world championships in 1990 at Durango Mountain Resort and have been actively involved in the cycling community ever since through race promotion, team/club sponsorship as well as trail advocacy. Our primary bicycle lines are Specialized and Niner.
We've been a Niner dealer for almost two years, and in that time we've seen 29" wheels and Niners specifically re-invigorate our mountain bike business. We're a Niner demo center, which has made it easy to convert demos into sales. The bikes are so good they sell themselves! We have found that Niner offers the most complete line of 29" wheeled bikes, and they nicely complement the mountain bike offering from Specialized. We've been very successful in building custom bikes and working with our customers to put together exactly what they want. For most, buying a bike with 29" wheels is the most compelling reason to upgrade their current bike. We are committed to the 29" market and look forward to seeing what the future holds.



Coupon code is good for 10% off retail in the Niner store, for a limited time, while supplies last.
Niner Bikes will always be dedicated to building hardcore 29 inch mountain bikes. We thank our loyal customers and dealers that make this passion a reality.

Chris & Steve
Niner Bikes
Niner Bikes