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October 28, 2010
New England Voters Guide

The New England Alliance for Children's Health (NEACH), an initiative of Community Catalyst, in partnership with Rhode Island KIDS COUNT and the Poverty Institute, just released the results of its regional candidate questionnaire on a variety of issues affecting New England's children and families, such as health care, education and child care. To find out where candidates stand on issues affecting children and families, please view NEACH's online Voter's Guide at www.votersguidene.org.

The Voter's Guide provides biographies and contact information for gubernatorial and Congressional candidates in New England, as well as a tool that allows you to directly contact campaigns with your opinions about candidates' positions.  In creating and distributing their questionnaire, NEACH partnered with organizations in each New England state. 

Please forward this e-mail on to your colleagues, networks and friends to educate them about where the region's candidates stand on a variety of important issues. Also, please note that NEACH and its partner organizations do not endorse any candidate for office; this candidate questionnaire was created solely as an educational resource.
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