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September 23, 2010
  Special Edition:
Today is an Important Milestone in
National Health Reform

Health Reform

September 23, 2010 marks the six-month mark
for the implementation of the
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).
National health reform contains many provisions that will improve health coverage and access to health services for Rhode Island children. All children stand to benefit from health reform, including those who are covered through employer-sponsored coverage; those enrolled in public health coverage through RIte Care, RIte Share and Medicaid; and those who currently have no insurance.
The health reform provisions that affect children vary in terms of implementation dates. Some provisions took effect immediately upon the signing of national health reform, some will begin today, and others will phase in over the next several years.  
Rhode Island KIDS COUNT has outlined the immediate and six-month health reform provisions that will affect health coverage for children in Rhode Island in our new publication, "What Does National Health Reform Mean for Children in Rhode Island? The First Six Months."

Key Health Reform Provisions for Children in Rhode Island
  • RIte Care Eligibility is Protected
  • RIte Care Premiums will Remain at Current Levels
  • Preventive Services and Wellness Care will be Free Under New Plans
  • Insurers Cannot Deny Coverage for Children with Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Young Adults Up to Age 26 can be Covered as Dependents on their Parent's Coverage
  • No Lifetime Caps or Restrictive Annual Limits on Health Coverage
  • Insurers Cannot Drop Coverage for Children or Parents if They Get Sick
Health care reform means that more Rhode Island children will have the health coverage they need to grow and learn.

Let's make sure that health care reform in Rhode Island builds on our strengths, makes the most of federal resources and keeps Rhode Island as a national leader in children's health coverage.

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