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November 12, 2009
New Issue Brief on High School Graduation Rates
Dr Robert Balfanz
Rhode Island KIDS COUNT released the 2009 Issue Brief, Improving High School Graduation Rates in Rhode Island, at the Rhode Island Dropout Prevention Summit. National expert Dr. Robert Balfanz of Johns Hopkins University spoke at the Summit, focusing on the critical need for schools to set up early warning systems to identify and intervene with youth at risk of dropping out of school. For highlights from Dr. Balfanz's presentation, read Julia Steiny's article in The Providence Journal, Pinpointing reasons for dropping out.
The Rhode Island Dropout Prevention Summit was co-sponsored by Rhode Island KIDS COUNT, the Rhode Island Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and America's Promise. The Summit was attended by local and state elected officials, business leaders, educators, youth, community leaders, parents and others. View pictures from the event.
Rhode Island is Preparing to Race to The Top
Classroom Factbook 2008
Rhode Island is preparing to apply for federal Race to The Top funds from the U.S. Department of Education and would like your input at a series of Community Forums with Commissioner Deborah Gist. To receive funding states must show progress in reducing achievement gaps and increasing innovation in four critical areas: improving teacher effectiveness, accelerating the performance of low-performing schools, establishing world-class standards and assessments, and developing user-friendly data systems. 
Votes Count: Legislative Action on Pre-K
Votes Count Report
The national report, Votes Count: Legislative Action on Pre-K Fiscal Year 2010, by The PEW Center on the States applauds Rhode Island for launching the state's first Pre-Kindergarten program. The report provides a state-by-state analysis of pre-kindergarten legislation and funding. View the Education Week article highlighting the gains in Rhode Island.
Children's Health
It's Simple: RIte Care Works
RIte Care Results
Rhode Island ranks among the top states in children's health coverage, with 93% of children under age 18 insured. Much of Rhode Island's success in increasing access to health insurance and comprehensive health care for children is due to RIte Care, Rhode Island's Medicaid managed care program for low-income working families. For more information on the results of RIte Care, download It's Simple: RIte Care Works.
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