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July 17, 2009
Something to Celebrate 
RIte Care in the FY 2010 State Budget
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The $7.8 billion Rhode Island FY 2010 budget contains several key provisions to strengthen the RIte Care health insurance program and to ensure that children and families are able to access health care, including: 

  • RIte Care coverage will be restored for lawfully residing immigrant children.
  • Health insurance coverage for moderate-income pregnant women (through the RIte Care "buy-in" program) was preserved.
  • Dental coverage for 38,000 parents enrolled in RIte Care was preserved.
  • RIte Care premium increases were rescinded.
For more information on changes to RIte Care in the budget read, Rhode Island KIDS COUNT's one-page fact sheet. Also, watch for release of our 2009 Legislative Wrap-Up later this month for a full overview of the legislative session.
New National Medicaid Director Appointed
Cindy Mann, Director of CMS
Cindy Mann, a long-time advocate for quality health care for children and families, has been appointed to serve as Director of the Center for Medicaid and State Operations, part of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Prior to her appointment, Cindy Mann served as Executive Director of the Georgetown University Center for Children and Families, a policy and research organization centered on expanding and improving health coverage for children and families.
Mann has worked with Rhode Island KIDS COUNT in the past to advocate for access to health care at the state and national level. Mann's extensive knowledge base and national reputation for being a child and family health champion makes her well equipped to handle the challenges of this important position. Read the announcement of Cindy Mann's appointment.
Rhode Island's Eligible but Unenrolled Children
baby visits doctorApproximately two thirds of RI's 18,000 uninsured children are eligible for RIte Care based on their family income, but they are not yet enrolled. Unfortunately, many families simply just don't know their children are eligible for health insurance.
Download the order form for RIte Care flyers and posters (in English and Spanish) to help spread the word about RIte Care to families in your community. The flyers can be included in your mailings or distributed at community events, or place a few posters in waiting rooms or on bulletin boards. The posters and flyers are available free of charge. 
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