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June 11, 2009
RIte Care Premiums to Decrease
Mother and Daughter

Effective June 2009, the Rhode Island Department of Human Services will decrease RIte Care cost premiums for families to amounts that were in effect on July 1, 2008. This rollback will reverse the premium hikes imposed in Fall 2008, and will eliminate the $45 premium for families from 133%-149% FPL. Families will receive a notice from DHS in their July 2009 statements that explains the premium rate change. Click to view these notices in English and Spanish.
This change is required in order for Rhode Island to comply with the provisions of the federal stimulus, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). 
Workshop Materials Available
RIte Care
On May 21st, Rhode Island KIDS COUNT and the Poverty Institute co-sponsored Keeping RIte Care Strong, a workshop for more than 150 community providersInformation was provided on RIte Care eligibility and helpful tips for enrolling families. All materials from the event are available online and can be downloaded to use with clients or as information to share with staff who work with families. Click here to access the workshop materials from both the Keeping RIte Care Strong and RIte Care 101 sessions.
The Last Piece of the Puzzle for Children's Health Insurance
Puzzle Piece
The Georgetown University's Center for Children and Families has released a new publication titled The Last Piece of the Puzzle: Providing High-Quality, Affordable Health Coverage to All Children through National Health Reform. The report details what children need from national health reform: affordable coverage pathways, ensuring children get the care they need once they are insured, creation of a unified enrollment and renewal process, and strengthened finance for public programs.
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