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Theory in Action: 
Research to Results 

Only two days remain for the "Early Bird" reduced registration fees to attend Arts|Learning's upcoming symposium, Theory in Action: Research to Results, and the 26th Champions of Arts Education Advocacy Awards at the Gardner Auditorium of the Massachusetts Statehouse on May 24, 2012, 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM.


For the schedule of the day's events, plus registration information, please click here.  


The May 24 Symposium will focus on the theme, Theory in Action: Research to Results. Experts will present examples of best practices in arts and general education, such as Priscilla Kane Hellwig of the Enchanted Circle Theatre in Holyoke on community arts partnerships; Dr. Benedict Smar of UMass Amherst on Understanding by Design curriculum planning; Jodie Nelson, Instructional Resource Specialist, Brockton High School, on interdisciplinary arts instruction; and Nicole Agois Hurel and Kati Blair Kotrc of VSA MA who will present the Universal Design for Learning model.   


Each presenter will give an overview of her/his area of expertise during a morning panel, and in the afternoon, participants may choose one of these four practices for a more in-depth view during a break-out session, which will be participatory in nature.  Come prepared for lively discussions!  

To register for the Symposium, please click here

Highlighting the 2012 Award Winners! 


Anita Walker217 outstanding advocates, including arts teachers, administrators, business, legislators, arts organizations, medPeter H Reynoldsia, and students will be recognized and honored for their amazing work supporting & promoting arts education in dance, music, theatre arts, and visual arts.   


Well-known individuals being honored include Anita Walker, MA Cultural Council Executive Director; Peter H. Reynolds, author and illustrator of such famous books as The Dot and Ish (who will give a reading of one of his books and talk about fostering creativity), MA Senator Stanley Rosenberg, MA Stan RosenbergRepresentative Alice Peisch, Music Drives Us Foundation founder Ernie Boch, Jr., and many others.


Ernie Boch Jr
Pictures, from top to bottom:
Anita Walker, MCC Executive Director
Peter H. Reynolds, Fablevision Founder
MA Senator Stan Rosenberg
MA Representative Alice Peisch
Ernie Boch, Jr., Music Drives Us Foundation

To register for the Symposium & Awards, please click here!
Governors Look to Arts, Culture and Design to Boost Economic Growth

WASHINGTON-April 30, 2012-With concerns over job creation and business growth holding a prominent-and persistent-position on policy agendas today, governors are increasingly finding innovative ways to support economic growth, according to a new report out today from the National Governors Association (NGA).


New Engines of Growth:  Five Roles for Arts, Culture, and Design focuses on the role that arts, culture and design can play in governors' policies to create jobs and boost their economies in the short run and transition to an innovation-based economy in the long run.

In particular, arts, culture and design can assist states with economic growth because they can serve the following roles:

  • Provide a fast-growth, dynamic industry cluster;
  • Help mature industries become more competitive;
  • Provide the critical ingredients for innovative places;
  • Catalyze community revitalization; and
  • Deliver a better-prepared workforce.

"As I travel across this country, I have found one thing to be true in state after state: art works," said NEA Chairman Rocco Landesman. "The National Governor's Association has laid out 5 strategies currently employed by states to use the arts to help strengthen local economies and drive innovation. I look forward to working with our network of state arts agencies to support governors in this work."  

This report was produced by NGA with funding support from the National Endowment for the Arts. To learn more about state strategies to boost economic growth and job creation, please visit
Please note that there is an "early bird special" for reduced registration fees for our May 24 event if you regester online prior to May 17.  Don't miss it!

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