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(Thanks to Narric Rome, Americans for the Arts, for the following information)

Following up on the recent National Governor's Association meeting in Washington, U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan sent a letter to all state governors urging them to avoid making "short-sighted cuts" and Arne Duncanspecifically named "eliminating instruction in the arts" as one of the cuts to avoid. This letter and the accompanying materials provide guidance to state education departments on how federal funds can be flexible and transferred to support different accounts and school districts in need of funds.  As a core academic subject, arts education programs can be supported locally via federal funds, such as Title I.


"There are right ways and wrong ways to cut spending, and the most important guiding principle I can offer is to minimize the negative impact on students and seize this opportunity to direct your spending to the highest priorities."


The Secretary's remarks, and guidance is online here.  The arts education reference is included in the Guidance on Productivity document under the "First, Do No Harm" section. This information may be of help in supporting arts education programs in state education budgets, and before local school boards.  Americans for the Arts has been updating its Arts Education Network website which has further advocacy information as well.


Arts|Learning Advocacy Awards Deadline in 5 Days!
k woods boxworks Don't miss the opportunity to nominate outstanding advocates for arts education!  To see all of the award categories, please check out our website awards page

Pictured to the right is the incredibly beautiful awards object for the upcoming 2011 Arts|Learning Champions of Arts Education Awards.  This handcrafted wooden box is by Keith Woods Boxworks.  Each award winner will receive this gorgeous 9" X 6" X 7" box made of Tiger Maple and Cocobolo Rosewood. 

Our thanks to Hunt Alternatives Fund for co-sponsoring our annual awards event, which will be combined with our annual symposium and arts education advocacy day at the Massachusetts Statehouse on Wednesday, May 25, 2011.  Mark your calendars!   


Correction--Please Note!
In our last e-newsletter there was incorrect information about the Kennedy Center Schools of Excellence Award.  The honorarium given to schools who win this award is $2,000.  School Boards or Committees who win the National School Boards support of arts education award do receive a $10,000 stipend.  Arts|Learning apologizes for the incorrect information.