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March 2011
Spring Health Lectures
     Mark your calendars! With 2 speakers back by popular demand and 3 new experts, PlaneTree and Santa Clara County Library (SCCL) will co-host 6 lectures at SCCL Get Healthy at the Library logolocations over the next few weeks. View this flyer for details about these informative, free events. We invite you to print the flyer (legal-size paper) and post it where you work, exercise, worship, or socialize.


Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions

Tuesday, April 12 - 6:30 p.m.        Los Altos Library


Foot Health: What You Need to Know!

Thursday, April 14 - 12 noon          Cupertino Community Hall

(next to Cupertino Library) .


Exploring Mind-Body Skills for Health and Well-Being

Tuesday, April 26 - 7 p.m.             Campbell Library


Foot Health: What You Need to Know!

Thursday, April 28 - 12 noon          Saratoga Library


Self-Acupressure for Chronic Pain Relief (in Mandarin)

Wednesday, May 4 - 1 p.m.           Cupertino Community Hall

(next to Cupertino Library) .


Take Charge of Your Chronic Pain and Feel Better

Thursday, May 5 - 7 p.m.               Milpitas Library

News You Can Use

Close-up of a digital thermometer     Although they don't feel good, mild fevers beneficially inhibit the growth of viruses and bacteria and facilitate our bodies' immune responses. The Mayo Clinic website recommends that adults take fever-reducing medications only when fevers top 102F. When and how to treat children's fevers was recently addressed in the journal Pediatrics, as described in this news article. For a comprehensive article on fevers in adults and children, including comfort measures and warning signs, click here


Older Drivers
     Deciding whether an individual should continue to drive as he or she grows older is difficult for seniors, their family members, and their doctors. A recent New York Times article a set of car keysdescribed the role of physicians in assessing the abilities of older drivers. Both senior drivers who want to continue driving and family members who are concerned about a senior's driving will appreciate these resources from The Hartford. has skill assessments and online training for senior drivers, resources on mobility after ceasing to drive, and state regulations regarding the licensing of drivers. 
     Operating with volunteer and paid staff and funded with grants, membership fees, and vehicle donations from seniors, ITNAmerica is a boon to seniors in communities with affiliates. Click here to learn about bringing this innovative program to the South Bay.


Polypharmacy Safety

     Taking many different medications is common among people with multiple health conditions. In a recent study, researchers found that most people, even if well-educated, devise Spoonful of assorted pillsunnecessarily complicated dosing regimens for themselves when taking many drugs. This news report about the study points out ways you may be able to simplify your daily schedule of taking multiple drugs.
     "The more drugs you take, the more likely you are to get one you don't need, to be prescribed the wrong drug, or to experience dangerous side effects from drug interactions. It also makes adherence to your treatment regimen more difficult, and adds to costs," notes Consumer Reports' See their excellent article on ensuring that all medications you or a loved one takes are medically appropriate, individually and in combination.


Weighty Issues
     A recent review of research on weight, disease, and health found focusing on weight loss to be "ineffective and harmful." Health at Every Size (HAES) proponents suggest Person weighing him- or herselfthat a more helpful goal - as individuals, health care providers, and public health policymakers - would be cultivating healthy behaviors and attitudes.

     If you like to stay abreast of current nutrition issues, you may find interesting the differences in approach between HAES and the "Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010," which were released in January by the U.S. Departments of Agriculture (USDA) and Health and Human Services (HHS). 


Car Safety Seats for Infants and Children
     The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that three-fourths of all child car seats are improperly selected, installed, or adjusted, reducing their effectiveness in preventing injury. Use the following resources to help you maximize the safety of children whom you transport.
     The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has an informative guide to selecting and using safety seats; the AAP's brand-new age and weight recommendations are included. Ease-of-Use Ratings, evaluating car seats on ease of installation, ease of securing a child within a seat, and clarity of installation and usage instructions, are provided by NHTSA.
Teddy bear in a toddler's car seat    After you've installed your child's car seat, have your work checked by an expert. These free inspections are very popular; appointments typically need to be scheduled weeks in advance. This document details how to prepare for an inspection and what to expect. Inspections are offered on Friday mornings by Safe Kids Santa Clara/San Mateo, in partnership with Tiny Tots Baby Boutique in Campbell. Call (408) 866-2925 for a reservation; a deposit, required as a guarantee against no-shows, is refunded. Other inspection stations may be found via this NHSTA locator

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News You Can Use
Binge Eating Lecture
Cancer Support Community
Dining Out for Life
Relay for Life
Book Group
Logo for the AWE*some Film Festival
   Saturday, May 7   
    Celebrate positive aging with six films, an inter-generational panel discussion, and conversations with film makers, including award-winning Dorothy Fadiman. A box lunch is included in the $10 admission to this all-day event at Health to You Auditorium, Good Samaritan Hospital.
    Explore the film titles and schedule of activities, then register here. Make plans with a friend to enjoy this first-time festival, a project of CONNECT, the communication team of the Aging Services Collaborative.
Part of a book, Crave: Why You Binge Eat and How to Stop
    As a nationally known expert on eating disorders, Cynthia Bulik, PhD, was quoted in a recent New York Times article about eating disorders among middle-aged and older women. The author of Crave: Why You Binge Eat and How to Stop will lecture at M.L. King Library on Tuesday afternoon, April 5. A flyer about the event is available from the Eating Disorders Resource Center.
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CSC logo on gray background
     CSC's April schedule includes great classes, support group meetings, and exercise programs for their Mountain View location. One of their speakers, Cynthia McDonald, CMHT, PhD, will present a different health lecture for PlaneTree on April 26 (see "Spring Health Lectures" at top left).
Dining Out for Life
Logo of Dining Out for Life (fork with dangling ribbon)
    Is your idea of a great place to eat out more along the lines of Hobee's or the Plumed Horse? On Thursday, April 28, choose among a wide range of restaurants, then nosh in support of The Health Trust AIDS Services.
Logo of Relay for Life
    Cancer survivors, give hope and inspiration to your community by walking the initial lap of a Relay for Life.
    These American Cancer Society events are free to all survivors, with special activities planned on your behalf. Family and friends are invited to participate too. Click here for information on Cambrian Park, Willow Glen, Santa Clara, Morgan Hill and Blossom Valley Relays during April and May, and elsewhere across the South Bay in coming months. 
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Book Club
Cover of book, Blue Zones     Join our book group as we discuss The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who've Lived the Longest, which was authored by Dan Buettner, published by National Geographic, and recommended by the nationally renowned physicians Mehmet Oz, Andrew Weil, and Sanjay Gupta.
    During this meeting, we will be selecting titles for June and July; your suggestions are welcome. The book group will not meet in May so that members may attend the Aging with Excellence film festival.