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Lectures in June
We're co-sponsoring 5 talks at public libraries this month. All presentations will be in community rooms of Santa Clara County Library and San Josť Public Library, not at PlaneTree.

Ayurvedic Medicine:
Ancient Wisdom for Your Health Today
Agra Fort entranceThe fundamentals of this Indian therapeutic approach will be presented by Prema Rao, Ph.D. Learn how this "science of life" philosophy can improve your mind, body, and spirit. Join us for insights into a complex yet approachable healing system.
Tuesday, June 9  7-8:00 p.m.  
Milpitas Library  160 N. Main St., Milpitas 95035

(See article at right about this "new" library location.)

Aging in Place:
Keeping Your Home and Yourself Safe
Simple, cost-effective ways to prevent falls and make your home more senior-friendly will be described by Derek Stephens of Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley. The nonprofit agency provides free home repair and modification services for disabled and senior homeowners. Mark Biehl of North Coast Medical will talk next about unique devices to make daily household activities easier. Hazel Simin, an occupational therapist with the firm, can talk individually with you about your home safety and personal activity concerns after the presentation.
Wednesday, June 24  10:30-12 noon  
Morgan Hill Library  660 W. Main Ave., Morgan Hill  95037

Encores by Popular Author
When Beverly Breakey lived in the South Bay, PlaneTree patrons found her health lectures helpful and inspiring. A marriage and family therapist, Beverly will present two distinct talks. Her books will be available for sale and signing after each event. For more details, check her website. Her talks are an activity of Joyce Ellington's Community Health Information Center, funded in part by a grant from the Health Trust to SJPL.
Saturday, June 20 
Joyce Ellington Library  891 E. Empire St., San Jose  95112
Alarm clock on an unmade bed10:15 a.m.-- The Blessings of Love: Wisdom for New Parents (The first 25 people at the morning talk will receive free signed copies of The Blessings of Love, which sells for $29.95.)

Graphic from cover of "Choose Life" book2:30 p.m.-- Choose Life! Living Consciously in an Unconscious World
Yes, You Can!
Exercise Tips for All Ages, Sizes, and Fitness Levels
Learn techniques for getting past your excuses or reasonsAlarm clock on an unmade bed for not exercising. All forms of activity count, no matter how small you may think they are. Fitness expert Tami Anastasia, M.A., is the author of Toward a Magnificent Self: The Exercise Book for Every Body, which will be available for purchase and signing.
Saturday, June 27  2-3:30 p.m.  
Cupertino Library  10800 Torre Ave., Cupertino  95014
Systemic Ailments
Photo portrait of Atul GawandeA superb writer on the practice of medicine and on health care issues is physician Atul Gawande. His New Yorker article titled "The Cost Conundrum: What a Texas Town Can Teach Us about Health Care" persuasively argues that an issue even more critical to effective health care reform than who pays how much for insurance is an systemic problem about which most Americans are oblivious.
News You Can Use

Gardening Alert
The New York Times recently had an excellent article of interest to vegetable and fruit Bushel basket of carrots and potatoesgardeners. If you live in an older neighborhood (built before the 1970's), near heavily trafficked streets or roads, or on old orchard land, your dirt may have high amounts of lead. The article contains information on testing, best gardening practices, and remediation.

Eczema Relief for Kids
Adult and child holding handsA recent trial of combining short courses of antibiotics with baths in very dilute bleach (two per week) was remarkably effective. A quick overview is available in this brief news article, or you may read the research article, which was published in Pediatrics.

Two recent, fascinating articles The New Yorker are available to the public for free:
Long, Slow, and Often
Brief, intense workouts three times a week were less effective than daily, less strenuous walks of longer duration in an experiment involving cardiovascular rehabilitation Two women walking for exercisepatients. While both types of exercise increased insulin sensitivity, lowered body fat, and reduced heart disease risks, the benefits were greater for the "long, slow, and often" exercisers. Learn more by reading this news article or the research report from Circulation; the journal also published an editorial discussion of the research.
In This Issue
Systemic Ailments
News You Can Use
Architecture for Library Lovers
Facade of Milpitas Library

    The old Milpitas Grammar School - designed by Frank Delos Wolfe; built in 1916; and since the school's closure in 1956, used in succession as the Milpitas City Hall, Police Department, and Senior Center - has been creatively and delightfully repurposed as the architectural centerpiece of the new Milpitas Library. With three times the space of the old facility, the new library receives more visitors daily than any other public building in Milpitas, and is the largest in the Santa Clara County Library system.
    A pair of two-story, modern glass-and-steel structures flanking the old school building complement its Greek Revival architecture. The school's central courtyard, given a fabric roof, is filled with filtered sunlight. Parking for patrons has been vastly improved by the addition of a four-story parking structure.
    Our upcoming lecture on June 9 at the Milpitas Library will be an excellent occasion for you to see how this lovely old school in the National Register of Historic Places has entered the 21st century.
   Photo by David Sawyer 
Creative Commons License
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Book Discussion
Cover of "The Heart of the Soul: Emotional Awareness"

Saturday morning
 June 6, 2009

    We invite you to join us in conversation about The Heart of the Soul: Emotional Awareness by Gary Zukav and Linda Francis. Read more information about this event on our website.
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