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Sat. Morning Book Club, Dec. 6
    Getting Old Without Getting Anxious will be the spark for our upcoming book club meeting. Written by Peter Rabins, M.D. (co-author of the caregiving classic The 36-Hour Day) and a model of clear writing and practical advice, B&W portrait of an older gentlemanthe book addresses differences between late-life anxiety and anxiety in younger people, how to identify the disorder in a loved one, and ways to cope with and treat anxiety in elders.
     We have copies available to borrow or buy. However, don't be anxious if you've no time to read the book! We'll have a review before discussing this topic. We hope you'll join our stimulating discussion as a concerned aging boomer, affected senior, or caregiver.
Hot off the Press
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     The second edition of Putting Patients First, a book about the Planetree model of patient-centered care for hospitals and other health-related organizations, was released at the 30th annual international Planetree conference in October. The first edition was selected by the American College of Healthcare Executives to receive their "Book of the Year" award as the most outstanding work on healthcare and healthcare management in 2004.
     A Planetree librarian since 1987, our director, Candace Ford, co-wrote the chapter on providing health information to patients, their families, and communities. The new edition is available in our collection to check out with your free PlaneTree library card.
News You Can Use
How's your hsCRP?
     The usefulness of high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hsCRP) in evaluating A blood sampleone's risk of coronary heart disease has been confirmed by two recent studies. In a third study, treating patients with high levels of hsCRP nearly halved patients' risk of heart attack, stroke, or death.
      It is widely assumed that high cholesterol is a risk factor for heart disease, and should be treated with a statin. However, a few scientists are unconvinced. If you're curious about this behind-the-scenes controversy, you can read an articulate discussion of the third study by one skeptical scientist, Howard Brody, Ph.D., M.D.,  a widely respected physician and ethicist whose books include Hooked: Ethics, the Medical Profession, and the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Minty fresh digestion
     People with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) may fare better with an oClose-up of 2 dewy mint leavesld home remedy than with prescription medications. A study which compared peppermint oil, anti-spasmodics, and fiber against placebos found that while all three treatments provided relief for some patients,  peppermint oil  relieved symptoms for significantly more sufferers.  
     If you're interested in using peppermint oil, learn more about this supplement and then talk to your doctor.

Help for many kids with asthma
Tween boy using an inhalerResearchers are discovering that - like adults - kids with problematic asthma often have undiagnosed or undertreated gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Treatment of GERD can significantly diminish asthma flare-ups.

     We all know how great a good night's sleep can make us feel, but habitually getting enough rest is truly good for us - lowering our risks for diabetes and cancer, plus among seniors, reducing the risks of stroke and heart attacks Alarm clock on an unmade bedand of falling. In addition, kids who are consistently well-rested are less likely to grow up to have problems as adults with obesity or with anxiety, depression, or agression.
     If you or a loved one has difficulty getting a good night's sleep, these resources may be helpful.
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From library patrons -
     "Your help has been immeasurable. We feel so much better about our father's new diagnosis and how to help him cope with what's to come. The articles you got for us from other medical libraries were timely and affordable. Thanks too for the tips on searching both National Library of Medicine websites."

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From library staff -

     "We could not keep our doors open without the tremendous community support that you provide. Thank you to those who have given this year, especially with the economic concerns.  Remember that older donors who have to take an IRA distribution before Dec 31 can make a charitable donation to PlaneTree and receive substantial tax savings. We appreciate all gifts of any size and use them to help others every day."
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    The best way to lower your odds of disability when older is to improve your lifestyle now - no matter your current age and health. Use this terrific new reference from the American Medical Association to help you wisely reform your diet, exercise, and stress level.
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