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       Bargain hunters and book lovers: we have a huge selection of library discards, including textbooks, memoirs, health guides and videos. If you don't want a bagful, select just a few items for a quarter each. We also have oodles of medical journals and health newsletters for free; first come, first serve!
       Help us make room for new books and DVDs, now through September 6 during library hours. (We'll be closed Saturday before Labor Day.)
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News You Can Use  
We're inaugurating a regular feature for our newsletters which will feature medical news and health tidbits. Links to additional information will be included.
Surgery for Glaucoma
Recently published research has piqued the interest of opthalmology patients. One
study evaluated the safety and efficacy of three different procedures, finding better outcomes after traditional surgeries than after a newer procedure involving insertion of a drainage device. Another report casts doubt on the common assumption that surgery should not be done for end-stage glaucoma.
Insmiling Asian teenage boyBullying 101 
      School will start soon and with it, new opportunities for befriending - and bullying.
    How savvy are you about bullying? Do you believe that...
  • Ignoring a bully is the best approach.
  • Victims are loners and misfits, so my kid won't get bullied.
  • Adults don't need to get involved unless someone is being physically hurt.
  • Kids can - and should - work things out between themselves.
  • Bullies are loners and misfits, so my kid wouldn't bully anyone.
      These are all common, but erroneous beliefs, say experts. Responding effectively to both the bullied and the bullying individuals is essential, as bullying can have devastating effects. (Compared to their peers who are not involved in bullying, victims are 5.4 times more likely to attempt suicide, while the risk for bullies is 9.9 times greater, according to a recent review of research.)
     If you are the parent of a child or teen, learn to recognize any signs that your child may be either aCover of book titled victim or perpetrator. StopBullyingNow has great resources for kids, parents, teachers, and school administrators, with many of them translated into Spanish. (A button on the bottom left will link you to the portion of the website designed for kids and teens.)
Banishing Curly Hair
Does anyone at your house use a flat iron to straighten their hair? The American Academy of Dermatology has some tips for keeping straightened hair healthier and better looking.
Prostate Cancer
New guidelines for prostate cancer screening have just been issued by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. The Task Force concluded that PSA tests are likely to cause more harm than benefit in men over 74 and under 50. Men 50 to 74 should discuss the pros and cons of the PSA test with their doctors to decide whether the test would be worthwhile for them. For details, read the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) press release.
  Cover of book titled
Note:  If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with localized prostate cancer, new treatment guidelines written for patients (and also those written for physicians) may be of interest.
Small Art,
Big Benefit
 Sept. 20-21 weekend
Miniature vase of calla lillies
  Enjoy PlaneTree's annual fundraiser, the dollhouse and miniature show with the largest sales and exhibits west of the Mississippi!
    There will be free workshops for kids, a free adult demo, Tools and Techniques, on Sunday morning (in addition to multiple fee-based workshops), door prizes, and over 100 international vendors.
    Now in its 33rd year, the "Showcase of Miniatures" will be at a new location and date:  San Jose's McEnery Convention Center on the weekend of September 20 and 21. Proceeds from the show will benefit PlaneTree.
    We hope you'll tell your friends, and join us for a fun, family-friendly day that supports your favorite health library!
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Close-up of Don Fuller
    You may recognize Don as the unassuming gentleman who described PlaneTree's resources and helped you find health information. For 11 years, Don was a dedicated weekly volunteer, absent only for travel with his beloved wife Susan. As the retired director of Santa Clara City Library, his insight and perspective were particularly valuable.
     After an illness of several months, Don passed away in July. We miss his wry sense of humor, his concern for others, and his immense, understated intellect.
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