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Rhion-LauraThreads of Change

Inspired by two creatively - driven women in Los Angeles, graphic designer - Rhion Magee (left) and accessories and clothing designer - Laura Pursell (right), Threads of Change is creating functional products with a purpose.

TOC ProductsThese ladies have turned their obsession with hand-painted mudcloth, and fabric laced with cultural symbolism (unique to Ghana), into a grassroots business. They have combined indigenous textiles with recycled materials such as seat belt straps, vintage French curtain rings, belt buckles and reclaimed vinyl flooring to create a line of unique accessories - iPad/e-reader sleeves, belts, hand bags, coasters, reusable bags, etc.

Scouring the earth for just the right combination of materials makes every item a unique combination of cleverness with a story that goes along with it. A percentage of each sale goes towards mentoring people in the village of Okurase (Ghana)  and building a school and hospital for their village - Project Okurase.
 TOC logo

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Glob Paint - Glob It On

Ashley PhelpsMeet Ashley Phelps, graphic designer, muralist and fine artist. One spring day, Phelps' friend dropped by and splashed a single swath of paint on her house. It was a house paint made from cactus nectar that would plant the seed of an idea in Phelps' head to create a non-toxic artistry paint - for all ages - Glob.

Glob PaintIn the US, arts and craft paints can be labeled as non-toxic without ever being tested for toxicity. Adult products are actually exempt from consumer lead laws and often contain not only lead, but also cadmium, formaldehyde and other toxic, or carcinogenic ingredients as well.

Unlike the harmful coloring dyes and preservatives found in most paints, Glob's water based colors are made from natural plant and botanical extracts that are truly 100% safe, natural, non-toxic and biodegradable - and smell delicious too.   

Glob paint comes in a powdered form so you just add water when you are ready to paint, mixing only what you need to a desired consistency.Glob Logo
This impressive medium is similar to water colors.

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Get Well, Stay Well

Murray Founder of Child LifeChildLife Essentials


Dr. Murray Clarke founded ChildLife Essentials in 2000. He developed a complete line of nutritional supplements for infants and children based on his twenty years+ experience in his homeopathic and nutritional clinic practice specializing in pediatrics.

ChildLife Essentials offers a full line of nutritional products that are those proven to be the most important and effective in supporting healthy development and promote natural immune strength for infants and children. The latest addition to the line, liquid Vitamin D provides a effective solution for not only the young, but also the elderly,Child Life Vitamin D3 many of whom are experiencing a deficiency of this important vitamin - usually from lack of exercise and sunlight.

ChildLife Essentials are made from the highest quality natural ingredients. There are no artificial additives, flavorings, sweeteners, or added colorings in any of the products. The products are available at most natural food stores nationwide.

Child Life Logo

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 PAC HerbsPAC Herbs Founder


Cathy Margolin, founder of Los Angeles based PAC Herbs, has studied complementary-alternative medicine for over 30 years. While studying medicine Margolin realized the need for high quality freshness when it comes to medicinal herbs, and decided it was time to bring to market a product that was free of toxins in a pure and fresh form - granules. 


Margolin's research revealed that herb granules work faster through quicker absorption. To ensure freshness with each serving, she has packaged the product in an air and moisture sealed single convenient packet. Formulas include support for restful sleep patterns, easy transition into menopause, and relief for Premenstrual Syndrome symptoms.

  PAC Herbs Cup and Tea

PAC Herb scientists and researchers use advance machines to test the raw herbs for pesticides and other unwanted contaminants (heavy metals, microorganism), ensuring their high quality products without fillers or toxins. Check out their PAC manufacturing facilities  tour on YouTube.   


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Food For Thought
Manna logoManna Bread

Manna Organics makes wonderfully healthy and delicious sprouted breads and muffins that are USDA certified organic, and made without salt, oils, sweeteners, yeast or other leavening agents.

Manna Breads are prepared using a sprouting process that converts starches into complex sugars similar to those found in fruit, adding sweetness to the breads. The breads are made with organic grains, fruits, seeds and nuts using the same techniques used in ancient times and hand shaped into loaves. It is high in fiber with a low glycemic index, which makes it perfect for those watching their weight. By baking the bread at low temperatures and then freezing

Basket of Manna Bread

it, the bread's shelf life is preserved without having to add any artificial chemicals or additives and can potentially last up to a year if kept frozen at -10F.

Manna Bread offers the eater a rich consistency and flavor, making it more of a treat, than a bread.

It can be purchased in natural food stores as a frozen product, or through the company's website online.


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Alyssa BoyleCavewoman Bars


In 2005, Cavewoman Bars founder Alyssa Boyle (then actress and part-time chef) entered a contest sponsored by the Food Network - their mission, to find The Next Food Network Star. While her idea - The Unidentified Food Objects Show made it to the semi-finalists, it did not win. However, Boyle's gingerbread holiday cookies created for a corporate annual event were a winner, and featured in their Food Network Holiday Magazine.

It was shortly after that Boyle began experimenting with different recipes in her cave-kitchen creating vegan bars to give her friends for the holidays. The bars became an instant hit and when her friends wanted more of these delicious bars to tame their savage cravings (naturally), and purchase them for their friends, Boyle decided it was time to launch an official business and the Cavewoman Bars were born.

Cavewoman now offers three raw bars - Baklava, Banana Cavewoman Bars LogoNut Bread, Pineapple Upside-Down Cake - and a fan favorite - Peanut Butter and Jelly bar, either on-line (5% off code HOLIDAY - till 12/31/10), or at local natural food stores.  


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Essential Body/Beauty Care
Melissa HBGHoneybee Gardens

Author and herbalist, Melissa Hertzler  began making natural personal care and beauty products in the mid 1990s. Her first challenge was to find an answer for her husband's irritated skin problem due to harsh chemicals in his aftershave. After much testing, Hertzler came up with the perfect mix of herbs and oils creating an effective and gentle formula for him - the HBG Men Herbal Aftershave. Eventually, this entrepreneur left her corporate job and turned her hobby into a business, Honeybee Gardens.

Honeybee Gardens products are created entirely of natural  materials. You can actually pronounce all their ingredients!Honeybee Products They reuse and recycle as much as possible, and Do Not test any of their products on animals. The company offers a full line of natural body and beauty care products (for men and women), including cosmetics, free of toxic chemicals at an affordable price.

What many people don't know is today there are cancer-causing chemicals in most personal care and beauty products sold in the United States. However, this year marks a milestone on making changes to this dangerous problem with the introduction of the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010. All of  Honeybee Gardens ingredients are listed on their website.Honeybee Logo

For more info visit: 

Lafes LogoLafe's Natural Body Care
and Joi Organics

In 1992, Lafe Larson - founder of Lafe's Natural Body Care - created a deodorant using all natural and organic ingredients - mineral salts, baking  soda, hemp oil, and essential oils. His goal was to provide a product that would be effective in eliminating body odor, while possessing  antibacterial properties.

Joi Organics, a division of Lafe's, offers an organic romance collection of natural, water-based, vegan and cruelty-free personal care products and intimate 3 Lafes Productsmoisture gels that have been blended using certified organic wild crafted botanicals.


Lafe's new line of baby products (95 percent certified organic) also reflect his concern for safeguarding against toxic chemicals with his new packaging that is Bisphenol A (BPA) and Estrogenic Activity (EA) free plastic. All of Lafe's products are free of parabens, propylene glycol, mineral oil, chemical fragrances, synthetic materials, hormones, or hormone-disrupting ingredients.

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Naturally Clean
James RobertsNellie's All Natural Cleaner

Nellie's All Natural was inspired by Nellie, a mom with real values (and her dog Nugget). James Roberts honors his mother's honesty and her love for simplicity through Nellie's All Natural - a line of non-toxic, hypo- allergenic and biodegradable concentrated cleaning - laundry, dishwashing and dryer - products.

We all know that the most eco-friendly way to dry clothes is via the sun's beautiful rays, however, when weather dictates the use of a dryer, it's time to pull out the PVC free dryerballs to reduce drying time (25%) and soften clothes naturally. Most commercial laundry detergents and fabric softeners contain toxic hormone-disrupting contaminants and chemicals (e.g. toluene, styrene, phenol, etc.) which can pose adverse health problems, and contribute to ground and water pollution. 

Nellies Logo

Nellie's concentrated cleaning products are free of  these dangerous contaminants and also support efficient ways to reduce - consumption, reuse - safe rinse-water for the garden, and repurpose - their 50's product packaging tin makes a great piggy bank to house the economic savings (or you can always recycle it).

For more info visit:

 Mary FutherKaia

Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths

Meet Mary Futher, creator of Kaia all natural bamboo facial cleansing-cloths. Bamboo fibers are traditionally used in China to make medical gowns and slippers because of their well-known natural antimicrobial properties.


Kaia's bamboo wipes are soaked in vitamins, organic Canadian honey, essential oils, sunflower seed oil, vitamin E and amino acids. These gentle Kaia's Clothcloths actually moisturize as they cleanse and are perfect for all skin types. (All ingredients are listed on their site.)


Other cloths are made with rayon - a material derived from wood, making them rough and drying on skin, and contribute to forest destruction. Bamboo, on the other hand, is a sustainable crop that has many environmental benefits. Kaia's bamboo wipes are biodegradable and free of alcohol, synthetic fragrance, parabens and sulfates. The cloths also address a concern for water conservation and economics as they eliminate the need for multiple facial cleansing products - one wipe can do it all; remove eye makeup, Kaia Logotone, and cleanse the skin and no water is needed.


For more info visit:

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Kathy Arnos 
 Eco Family News

The holidays are once again upon us and a mad rush to commercialism is
actively happening around the world. Wait STOP!

This gifting season I want encourage you
to check out my four suggestions for a GREEN holiday:
If you do choose to buy new, support all the companies you have seen in Eco Family News.
2. Or search through your treasures and find something that one of your dear friends has admired for years and give it to them.
3. Or go to the cupboard where you keep all those presents from the past that you have no need for (or don't like) and gift them forward.
4. Make something with love - anything.

Have a safe, healthy and happy New Year! Please enjoy this issue of Eco Family News and continue to follow our blog.

In gratitude,
Kathy Arnos

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